Date Night: Sable Kitchen & Bar


This is a rhubarb turnover desert at Sable. They even gave us a little milkshake with a blue and pink straws to share. Adorable. Trust me, girls like those cute details.

It is painfully beautiful outside right now.  I am regrettably writing this from a temperature controlled room under florescent lighting.  It’s the type of weather that makes a girl want to wear a breezy dress and show off her pedicure in some strappy sandles.  So…let’s take advantage of that!

Sable Kitchen & Bar recently arrived in the new Palomar Hotel.  The patio is opening in early May, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out the tres sexy lounge bar.  With pretty bobble accented chandeliers and throngs of the downtown crowd, this is a place to go when you’re looking to see some pretty faces who keep their finger to the pulse of Chicago’s newest, latest and greatest…in other words: the total catch.

The cocktails are interesting and extensive.  I had The Wasp, a combination of champagne (surprise!), vodka, chamomile tea and Grand Marnier, and Bella Donna, a variation on the Dark & Stormy.  The food is made from locally grown produce, which always gets major points with me.  Best of all, my date and I had four drinks and a TON of food and the total was shockingly inexpensive.  (I visited Sable as research for my day job and our meal was on the house as part of that.  I don’t think they know I write Accidentally Sexy…well, until I send them this post.)

Expect to see: Attractive professionals in business casual.  This is a great work to play spot.  As Sable is still very new, it’s filled with “in the know” Chicagoans.

What to wear: Jackets and polished shoes for guys, girls look great in sleek dresses and strappy heels.

Terrible pick-up line/blatant lie that just might work: I can’t hear you that well over this soundtrack, but your mouth looks good saying those words.  (It’s really loud in both the lounge and restaurant.)

Insider’s Tip: If the bar is too loud while you are waiting for your table to arrive, the Palomar has a fantastic lobby area to the left when you walk in.  Browse through one of the many art books for an instant image boost.

Tales of Accidentally Sexy: The menu includes artisan beef jerky.  Apparently, guys go crazy for this stuff.  I should start carrying it in my pockets.

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  • True fact: us guys will do very nearly anything for beef jerky. Make that "absolutely anything" if it's damn good beef jerky.

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