Date Night: Brew & View at The Vic Theater

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Combine campy classics or popular new releases with dark lit booths, popcorn and beer and you’ve got the world’s greatest date spot.  The impressive old theatre sports shadowy balconies and heavy velvet drapes in a look that seems timeless and somehow magical.  The Brew & View is that local neighborhood spot that somehow fits seemlessly with the edginess of the big city.  Movies are shown every night that there is not a concert scheduled and at $5 for a (usually themed) triple feature, this place can’t be beat!

Expect to see: Cozy couples and groups of friends.  This is definitely a place where you are leaving with the person you bring.  If you’re single, maybe arrange for your crew to meet with a second group of friends to bring some new flirty faces into the mix.

What to wear: The booths are terribly comfortable, so make sure that your clothes are. Think skinny jeans, sneakers and a cute top.  With a bar in the back, you will definitely be in the mood to go out afterwards.

Terrible pick-up line/blatant lie that just might work:  Admittedly, this is a place where you come with someone that you’ve already picked up/lied to.  One of my friends, however, once seduced a guy by drunkenly shoving twix bars in his mouth.  Maybe lightening can strike twice?

Insider’s Tip: They don’t start the click until they’ve either reached a certain capacity or have allowed enough time to do so.  As a result, movie start times are seen more as suggestions.

Tales of Accidentally Sexy:  I swear the ladies room is haunted…I swear!  Imagine any horror movie ever and I guarantee at least five people were killed by a crazed murder or stalked by a ghost in a bathroom that looked just like that one. 


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  • I can, at the least, vouch for your fear of the ladies room!

    I've been here before (with Ana herself, nonetheless!), and can attest to how totally awesome it is :)

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