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Date Night: Sable Kitchen & Bar

This is a rhubarb turnover desert at Sable. They even gave us a little milkshake with a blue and pink straws to share. Adorable. Trust me, girls like those cute details. It is painfully beautiful outside right now.  I am regrettably writing this from a temperature controlled room under florescent lighting.  It’s the type of... Read more »

RedEye Bachelorette of the Week: The Results

Chicago women never cease to stun me.  It must be prrrrrretty great to be a straight dude in this city.  Once again, the bachelorette selection was filled with total babes…and interesting, funny ones at that!  I always say that I love writing Accidentally Sexy, because the people that come up to me in the street... Read more »

Date Night: Brew & View at The Vic Theater

(Photo Credit: Flickr superiphi) Combine campy classics or popular new releases with dark lit booths, popcorn and beer and you’ve got the world’s greatest date spot.  The impressive old theatre sports shadowy balconies and heavy velvet drapes in a look that seems timeless and somehow magical.  The Brew & View is that local neighborhood spot... Read more »

Mike Posner and Why I Love College

(Photo Credit: Flickr Andydr) I love this photo for two reasons: it’s tagged “Frat Party” and it’s titled “Mystery Kahlua.” In Andydr’s photo caption, he writes “P.S. Fraternities are about more than just getting shitty and partying all the time. I promise.” Riiiiiiiight. It’s no secret that I spent my college years in Scotland.  I... Read more »

Five Romantic Gestures That Never Go Out Of Style

I’ve always been a sucker for old-fashioned romantic gestures.  I used to daydream about a tall, dark and handsome man with a great smile showing up at my door with flowers and a box of chocolates before whisking me off on some fabulous date.  After all, that’s what Clark Gable taught me would happen.  These... Read more »

Date Night: The Shady Lady

The Shady Lady opened last night at exactly 8:45 p.m. in River North with a ton of anticipation.  I took my buddy and total smartie pants babe, Matt Lynch of Thrillist, to check it out…well, he took me!  Circus theme – check!  Smoking hot man with tattoos who owns the spot – check!  Get here,... Read more »

Dear Chicago, Accidentally Sexy is here for you!

Dear Chickadees, I love you.  You may have noticed that I’ve been extra active on Accidentally Sexy recently.  I’m working my nimble fingers to the bone crafting up posts for your gorgeous Moet-filled hearts. A few things to look forward to: Fridays will highlight either a great date spot or place to be un-single…and I’m... Read more »

The Results: RedEye's Bachelor and Bachelorette of the Week

Oh…the POWER! This week, RedEye asked me to select not just the bachelor, but also the bachelorette of the week.  They’ve obviously realized that feeding my ego will get them anything they want.  Diva! Hit the jump for this week’s results.  SPOILER ALERT: One of these has a pretty good story attached… RedEye Bachelor of... Read more »

Life Lesson: Slow Down

( You can’t rush the good things.  It’s a lesson worth learning and it’s one that I’m (fittingly) learning very, very slowly.  We want answers, we want responses, we want gratification…and instantly.  Even though I’m programmed to want to fly through life like a gibbon grasping at branch after branch, it always seems to backfire. ... Read more »

Happy Hour at the Art Institute? Yes, please.

Not me, but they look like they are enjoying their sophisticated selves  For the length of the Matisse exhibit, which I’ve been trying to see for weeks, the Art Institute is hosting a happy hour in the Modern Wing from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday (Free day at the museum, but you have to... Read more »