RedEye Bachelor Of the Week - The Results

I’m not sure my job could get much better…well, unless it was to constantly monitor the greatest tumblr of ALL TIME!!!  Until that becomes a career that pays in more than hysterics, I lament that I will have to keep trucking on my doledrum life of assessing hot guys.  Je suis triste!

This week, I was tasked with choosing between Chris Gibson of Lincoln Park and D’Angelo “D’lo” Hampton from the West Side.  D’lo, the youngun with eyes like Puss in Boots from Shrek, and Chris, the jokester with Southern style, are both on the market. Chicago is awesome for singles.

Chris, I have a thing for that twang and there is nothing like southern gentility.  There is really something about that laid back attitude that brings out something amazing in dating.  (Yes, I am completely generalizing and saying this based on a picture…let me run with this!(  I like a guy who can laugh at himself and knows how to have fun.  I can definitely tell that you have PLENTY of charm, as evidenced in your answers.


However…I pick D’Angelo as the RedEye bachelor.  This pretty cherub face promises to sing the smoothest stanzas to his date.  If there is one thing I have always wanted, it would be a guy to write a song for me.  I am a SUCKER for the musically talented.  Plus, this kid has never been on a date!  As a late bloomer myself, I’m going to help him get the ball rolling (so to speak) by getting his profile printed in RedEye for Chicago to see.  Get out there, boy!  One bit of advice, maybe take it back a few notches on the ol’ crazy cat lady talk.  Although these sorts of relationships exist, maybe settle on someone who just enjoys cats.

Where should D’lo go on his very first date?

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