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RedEye Bachelor Of the Week - The Results

I’m not sure my job could get much better…well, unless it was to constantly monitor the greatest tumblr of ALL TIME!!!  Until that becomes a career that pays in more than hysterics, I lament that I will have to keep trucking on my doledrum life of assessing hot guys.  Je suis triste! This week, I was tasked... Read more »

Pets and Dating

A year and a half ago, I broke up with my boyfriend and realized that I needed something else to nurture that wasn’t going to behave like a complete idiot.  My dog had died earlier that year and I didn’t want to rush into another pet relationship until I knew I was ready for the... Read more »

RedEye's Bachelor of the Week - The Results

There are a lot worse jobs that I could have…and that includes Princess and Professional Puppy Petter.  I’m not sure at what point I got to decide who’s hottest between two very hot guys, but let me assure you that I am qualified.  That’s pretty much all I learned in college…well, that and how to... Read more »

Stephen Markley Conned A Book Deal...And You Can Too!

Only ONE left on Amazon! Apparently, anyone can write a book these days, even super hot makeout hooches like Stephen Markley.  I know!  I’m as confused as you are!  Okay, okay…I might be a little bitter. In reality, I can’t wait to start reading Stephen Markley’s Publish This Book.  Not only is Stephen the dirty... Read more »

No Sex, No Way

( If one olive oil is “extra virgin”, did the other get to second base? NSFD…sorta…I use the word sex a lot in this one…you’ve been warned…send cookies! Sex is everywhere.  It’s on nearly every episode of every tv show, every song on every album and is the underlying plot line in movies.  I’ve even... Read more »

Defining Your Relationship

( Pop quiz! One answer gets you (NSFD!!) a hot makeout session. The other gets you punched in the face. Don’t have the time to read? Listen to the podcast. You’ve been seeing eachother more regularly.  When you have an event or just want dinner, they’re the first person you call.  When you’re in a... Read more »

Chiditarod in Chicago: RedEye vs. Metromix

( This shopping cart is already having more fun than I am. As you may have already realized, I never turn down a challenge or chance to try something new.  Never.  When RedEye intern Katie Rogers asked me to join her on the Chiditarod to annihilate Metromix and the sinister Ernest Wilkins, I didn’t even... Read more »

WIN Tickets to a Swanky Singles Party

Is the ache from the winter singles freeze starting to drive you a little nuts?  Well, good news!  Spring is coming quickly, which, as we all know, is the start of mating season…especially in Chicago, where we use the warmer months to grasp at every last chance at Vitamin D.  Even better news?  Today’s Chicago... Read more »