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I Need A Roommate - Chicago Apartment Search

Are you looking for a roommate?  Because I am lonely living by myself and need one.  Chicago’s rent prices can be pretty intense.  Not only does a roommate (or better yet, group of roommates) insure that you have a nicer apartment and better amenities, but you also have someone to shoot the breeze with while... Read more »

You Voted and Chose The Next Buble - The Results

As you surely know by now, Michael Buble is engaged, thereby, negating my long-standing Michael Buble rule.  Even while meeting him in the elevator, my girl code kept me grounded………and his amazing looking South American model/actress girlfriend kept him from noticing/caring. Rather than wading aimlessly through the singles pool, I turned to you to pick... Read more »

ChicagoNow/Metromix Party - Everyone's Invited

Last time at Faith & Whiskey… Clear your schedule this Friday.  Seriously, whatever you have planned, cancel it.  Throw your blackberry in a pool so that all your appointments are erased…this is important business. RedEye and Metromix are hosting a meet-up this Friday night, February 26 at Faith & Whiskey…this will be a night that... Read more »

My Weekend Was Awesome

This past weekend was probably one of the most fun Valentine’s Day weekends of my life!  My life is surrounded in ridiculous hilarity and sometimes it feels like I’m just watching it like a play. Oh, and by the way, I really like lists. No pictures with this post, because (SPOILER ALERT) my phone was... Read more »

I Need A Valentine

( FACT: Valentine’s Day is the biggest break-up day of the year.  If it’s a long term relationship, they may have been trying to “make it through the holidays.”  Many times, it’s the newbies who rushed into something in desperation before the winter freeze.  In both cases, couples see the day of hearts and roses... Read more »

Is Love A Drug

I swear, if you follow me @AccidentallySxy, there will also be fun, happy tweets 🙂 Love is the ultimate high.  It requires you to completely and totally release all of your boundries, borders, walls and ego to give yourself blindly to another person.  It is equal parts terrifying and thrilling.  Consider any crush you have ever... Read more »

NSFD: Not Safe For Dad

Earmuffs, dad! My dad reads my blog every day, which is awesome!  I’m very fortunate that he supports what I do…BUT, I write a relationship/dating/20-something-girl-about-town blog and there are just somethings my dad does not want to know about. Actual conversation: Dad: So…I saw that post you wrote about the 30 guys you wanted to... Read more »

The Dumbest Thing I Did Yesterday

( Dramatization of me running in the marathon, except maybe I’ll be wearing clothes…I said MAYBE! Apparently, I’m going to be running in the Chicago Marathon this year.  I signed up over lunch, my fate has been sealed.  Running the marathon has been on my list of lifetime to-dos for years now and I’ve decided to just make... Read more »

Reasons for the Rule: I Met Michael Buble Last Night

You are never going to believe this. Last night, I went to meet my day job client for birthday drinks at ROOF on top of theWit hotel.  She called me earlier that week to tell me Michael Buble was having a private concert at theWit in conjuction with 109 The Mix.  I’m a hardcore Drex... Read more »

Five Best Types of Pre-Action Action

It’s February…whether you want to call it a dumb, commercial holiday (read: no one likes you) or the most important day of the relationship year (I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say you love the Jonas Brothers)…Valentine’s Day is on its way.  To get your minds headed in the awesome... Read more »