The Michael Buble Rule: Buble's Replacement

(Photos from Getty, AP)  Well, Buble is now off-limits.  Standing next to him in the elevator on Monday made me realize that I need a new Michael Buble for the rule and fast.  Otherwise, I have to really start thinking about my list and make a guy stand up to that, rather than an far-fetched celeb scale…and that doesn’t sound like as much fun.

The replacement celebs below needed to fit under the below guidelines:

  • Not married, preferably single
  • Uberceleb that it would be only a ridiculous chance that I would run into them…but, as seen on Monday, it can totally happen
  • At least 5’10”

As you will see below, I definitely have a type.


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  • ok Seth Rogen, Kevin Rose and Jake Gyllenhaal you'll have to fight me for =)

  • I might have to fight you for Jake Gyllenhaal. Though if you get married to him, his utterly-unpronounceable last name has to go.

  • Also would like to point out.... Jake Gylenhaal has dark hair and BLUE/GRAY eyes... [just like me]... hence genetically we would have perfect children... just sayin =)

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