The Accidental3some Conclusion: I Really Like Dates

I’m finally emerging out of my loved-up haze from this weekend’s double date with two RedEye hotties.  Get jealous, because it was awesome.  In fact, as far as dates go, I should probably just give up.  These two are going to be hard to beat.


Things that happened:

  • I was supposed to meet Stephen at the Art Institute at 4 p.m., but we were having too much fun at Challenger’s Comics + Conversations and lost track of time.  Markley sat in the lobby of the Art Institute and read the entire edition of the Onion.
  • Elliott and I picked up Markley in front of the Art Institute and I immediately leave him in the car by himself with Elliott for about 15 minutes so I could go print something off.  I come back to a steamed up car.
  • Markley is (surprisingly) a total gentleman.  He opened doors and even knew that a boy should go through a revolving door first!  I was very impressed.
  • Markley and I got into a cab with a gigantic bag of Garrett’s popcorn and had no idea what directions to give the driver to Rockit Wrigley…I was pretty sure we were going to get a detour through Ohio.
  • Markley and I went to Billy Dec’s TweetNRockit at Rockit Wrigley.  The cover charge went directly to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts in Haiti.  While there, Markley tried to figure out who the Bachelorette was…it was a failed attempt.
  • I called Markley “Elliott” about eight times.
  • The Accidental Threesome shot should become a regular item at Faith & Whiskey.
  • We had some really great people show up to see us at Faith & Whiskey…I love you all!
  • My dad and Elliott should just get married.

People have been asking who won the date-off.  I would have to say Faith & Whiskey won…that’s who took me home!


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  • That cherry stem was tied in under 20 seconds, I promise you.

  • In reply to StephenMarkley:

    You should see if there's some sort of cherry-stem-tying championship.

  • In reply to StephenMarkley:

    Looks like everyone's a winner! Your conclusion of "I really like dates" is very true. Even the bad ones seem to have a funny story to go with them.

  • In reply to StephenMarkley:

    Ana is so lucky to get to go on dates with these handsome bloggers! It's like a dream come true... Sigh. BUT I did have a blast dancing with you all at Faith and Whiskey! Great bar.

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