Should I Be Markley'd or Geeked?

This. Is. Awesome.   

This Monday, I was publicly propositioned by not one, but TWO RedEye studs.  Apparently, Stephen Markley of Off the Markley is getting bored with his amorous relationship with himself and Elliott Serrano of Geek To Me fulfills several of my “datable requirements”.  I haven’t been this popular since the second grade when all the boys wanted me on their team in kickball…I take no prisoners.

Since I made an ill-advised dating decision in the lead up to Golden Week, I am currently keeping warm this winter with a hot water bottle and an a-hole bunny rabbit I impulse bought at Petco after my last official break up.  I now have the great position of choosing between two dashing knights as if I’m a serving wench at Medieval Times…and let’s just say sloshing a goblet filled with ale makes the decision making a little more…uh…loose.


( Picture of Markley and Elliott taken from my window last night.


So, let’s weigh out my options.

Markley and Me

  • Every time I see Stephen Markley, it’s like I’m biting into a York Peppermint Patty.  (Important Note: I eat York Peppermint Patties naked.)
  • I’ve already established that we should totally makeout.
  • He lives in a house with a bunch of guys.  If he’s boring, I could just pretend I like him, convince him to introduce me to one of his roommates, and then make out with that guy instead.


  • I keep saying we should makeout, which means we probably won’t.  Boys are dumb.
  • Word on Twitter is that he’s the Antichrist.

Geek to Sexy

  • It’s my chance to be made into a cartoon heroine…in fact, if I am not presented with a drawing of myself during the date, I may punch him in the face.
  • I feel like we’ll be able to talk about MST3K, dinosaurs and Shark Week.
  • He wears glasses…and I am a big, big fan of glasses.


  • I know less than zero about comics.
  • He’ll probably out me as a closeted nerd.

What shall I do?  What shall I do?  Uhmmm…easy, go on multiple dates and tweet the whole time…or, as I like to call it, Saturday.

Stephen Markley and Elliott Serrano, show me what you got!  I’m in!

Am I making a huge mistake?


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  • Team Elliot...Unless Steve can somehow bribe me with food to sway my decision. Food is basically what I base all of my important decisions on.

    Besides, Markley is totally going to hate on Eeyore, then we're going to have to dispose of his body after your first date..That's a lot of work that I'm not sure I'm up for...I say you should consult the handy dandy #MarkleyFacts and base your decision off of that. *Coughs*AmericanApparelfannypacks*Coughs*

  • To be fair go on two dates... at least you'll get some free drinks? lol maybe?

    But honestly.. after reading Markelys blog (as I got curious).. all he has goin' for himself is the blue eyes.. and honestly...if you're into that sort of thing.. maybe Elliott could wear contacts. =)

    His blog to ask you out comes from a resolution to "have more sex" not to find an awesome girl to spend time with. BENEFITS... need to be earned. He's like a toddler trapped in a man's body still.

  • @fabgeekling To be fair, those ARE some deep blue eyes. You've just gotta see them in person, they're like the sea after a storm. Sigh.

    Oh wait, whose side am I on again?

  • In reply to GeekToMe:

    @geektome... i have blue eyes... it's really NOT that big of a deal, haha

  • In reply to GeekToMe:

    Oh, and during that duel, Markley fell for the ol' 'your shoe's untied' trick. Again. And he wasn't even wearing shoelaces.

    Frat boys just kill me.

  • In reply to GeekToMe:

    Those big beautiful eyes... Sigh... you're a dreamboat, Markley.

    Oh, right. Go team Elliott!

  • In reply to GeekToMe:

    Since I'm fairly sure that Elliot could win in a match of insult swordfighting, I'm fairly sure that he is the clear winner here.

  • In reply to GeekToMe:

    I'm pro-geek, so Elliot has my vote.

  • as a person who more often than not dates geeks... I CONCUR with this statement =)

  • HAHA! NOWAY! I'm just sayin.. blue eyes.. no big deal.. haven't you heard the saying.. the blue eye devil?! lol

  • that could actually come to be an interesting blog story.. please commence on with the date!

  • In reply to fabgeekling:

    Fabgeekling -- I'm guessing you're on Team Elliott, right?

  • Okay - as a fellow nerd and guy with glasses, I have to say Elliot for sure. Not to mention, the well known fact that nerds do everything better - everything...

  • In reply to scottfmurphy:

    and there's always pie... or cake... definitely there is always cake

  • In reply to fabgeekling:


    But what kind?

  • In reply to scottfmurphy:

    Dude..Markley will never be the know why? Because the pretty people always win, and the nerds are in it to win it with this one.

    PLUS, where is Markley during this debate? Drinking the last sip of coffee in the break-room (and not making a new pot) doesn't count...

  • In reply to Jsmith1012:

    "where is Markley during this debate? Drinking the last sip of coffee in the break-room (and not making a new pot) doesn't count..."

    that was pretty full of win right there

  • yeah i'm pretty sure too.

  • Is this how Jacob feels? I'm just as hairy as he is, so maybe it is! Thank you for your support folks!

  • Ana Markley? Sounds perfect!

  • In reply to masx0269:

    They'd have ridiculously gorgeous children wouldn't they? Problem is that Stephen would give them all bad haircuts!

  • In reply to masx0269:

    Anamarkley sounds like some hipster offbrand...

    Ana Serrano actually sounds pretty Carmen Sandiago-ish

  • In reply to masx0269:

    Hmm, well, you have Mr. Right (Elliott) on the one hand. A future with him could include trips to the zoo, having a golden retriever, and maybe you driving around in a Jetta. A future with Markley(Mr. Right Now) might include numerous trips to rehab, maybe a prison sentence or two, and long waits while standing in line to collect unemployment.

    I say go with Elliott. His date to the zoo appeals to the animal lover in all of us. Go Geeks!!!!

  • In reply to masx0269:

    Hey it's Eliza from Pretty Cheap. I am an awful person because you gave me the digits like 2 months ago. I guess the truth is that I wanted to ask you out and I just did'nt know how. Now that I see these lozers have a chance, can I have a chance? You do get some perks like endless free haircuts by dating me.... let me know. haahhah xo Eliza

  • In reply to masx0269:

    Given that being a pet lover is high on your list of "musts," you should choose Elliott. Markley not only doesn't care about pets, he actively dislikes them. Just ask Steve Dale...

  • mmmmmm...cookies.

    Oatmeal or chocolate chip?

  • I sure do love them gay cookies.

  • Concuring with the Majority(and their reasonings), Elliot gets my vote! And don't worry, the great thing about comics(especially with Elliot's postings), is that there's always something everybody will like!

  • I went to an engineering school (Nerd Central) and at football games after we would lose horribly the band (Nerd Elite)would cheer to the jocks of the opposiing team: "That's All Right, That's Ok, You're all gonna work for us some day".

    Take that for what you will, but really it just means the nerds are gonna rule the world, so you might as well get on our good side ;-)

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