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The Michael Buble Rule: Buble's Replacement

(Photos from Getty, AP)  Well, Buble is now off-limits.  Standing next to him in the elevator on Monday made me realize that I need a new Michael Buble for the rule and fast.  Otherwise, I have to really start thinking about my list and make a guy stand up to that, rather than an far-fetched celeb scale…and... Read more »

Can Guys And Girls Be Just Friends

( Harry and Sally, Joey and Dawson, Ross and Rachel…can straight guys and girls ever REALLY be “just friends”?  I would like to say yes, as a matter of fact, I would LOVE to say yes.  Most guys that I’ve dated have had more gal pals than guy friends and it seems easier for me... Read more »

Five Major Warning Signs That He's Not The Right One

( Don’t ignore the signs! I have a big problem.  Now that Michael Buble is engaged, I don’t really have anything to measure my attraction to someone against.  While I audition possible fillers, I’ve come up with a list of five warning signs that mean you shouldn’t do the boyfriend/girlfriend thing.       He doesn’t want to... Read more »

The Accidental3some Conclusion: I Really Like Dates

I’m finally emerging out of my loved-up haze from this weekend’s double date with two RedEye hotties.  Get jealous, because it was awesome.  In fact, as far as dates go, I should probably just give up.  These two are going to be hard to beat.   Things that happened: I was supposed to meet Stephen at the... Read more »

Five Rules For Dating My Daughter - Listen up, Markley and Elliott!

This is an actual picture of my dad…yes, he looks that scary all of the time…yes, he’s pointing at you. With this date with Stephen Markley of Off The Markley and Elliott Serrano of Geek To Me looming terrifyingly on the horizon, my dad has started to morph back into that guy that all the... Read more »

Earthquake Rocks Haiti

As I sit snugly in Starbucks writing my post for tomorrow about boys, dating and fun, I can’t help but feel a mixture of extreme gratitude and injustice.  I don’t have any updates on what is happening in Haiti and I don’t know anyone there.  I do know, however, that life happens suddenly. You will... Read more »

Two Dates, One Girl: My Revenge On Michael Buble's Engagement

(AP) WHYYYYYYYY?!?! Well, Michael Buble is engaged.  I guess his beautiful Argentinian fiance defeated Buble’s Ana Fernatt rule…AND since I’m all “give credit to the girl who put in work,” I must humbly bow out from my ten-point plan to seduce Buble at his concert in March.  I’m sure I can return the handcuffs and... Read more »

Should I Be Markley'd or Geeked?

This. Is. Awesome.    This Monday, I was publicly propositioned by not one, but TWO RedEye studs.  Apparently, Stephen Markley of Off the Markley is getting bored with his amorous relationship with himself and Elliott Serrano of Geek To Me fulfills several of my “datable requirements”.  I haven’t been this popular since the second grade when... Read more »

Mr. Right Must Have These Characteristics

2008 was the year of Ana making bad dating decisions.  From a couple months “in a relationship” with Red (a comedian who went a little nuts) to a couple months in an intense fling with Mickey (there’s probably a post I need to write on this one) to a couple dates with a 6’6” Russian... Read more »