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Hot Chicago Bachelors, aka Chicago Dudes I Want To Make Out With

I made a list…and I plan to check it twice. Besides one exception, I tried to avoid any guy who was in a relationship.  Married guys were definitely out and even having a girlfriend was grounds for disqualification.  Whoever they’re with had to put in work to get that title, so I’m not going to try... Read more »

Emoticon-ly Challenged: Technology, dating and the smilee Technology changes everything.  With texting, tweeting and facebooking quickly becoming the main forms of flirting (seriously, call me, dudes!), it has become harder and harder to communicate your point effectively.  If you want to send a sarcastic comment or be less serious, you have to teeter around the thin line of emoticons to illustrate... Read more »

Home is where the holidays are

The tree in my parents’ house. Go big or go home! I’m laying in the guest bedroom at my parents’ home in Iowa, and thought I’d put up a post today.  I know that it’s Christmas and the idea is to spend the day playing Scrabble with your loved ones, but I thought I’d send... Read more »

Substituting for Scrooge: A winter storm. Wait, what?

Dear {{Insert Weather Website}}, Stop trying to make barometric pressure and precipitation seem more awesome by completely sensationalizing your forecast.  Your description of a weather pattern reads like the script from “Everyone Dies On Christmas: Weather’s Revenge.”  I’m half expecting to log on tomorrow and see an animated dramatization of Santa and his sleigh being... Read more »

If I die before, I wake...Brittany Murphy dies at 32

  (AP) My generation was one behind the Clueless fanatics, but my sister and her best friend saw it about five times in the theatre.  They took on the lingo and style, which means I (who idolized my older sister) took on the lingo and style.  From mini backpacks and pens with big furry puffs,... Read more »

Worst Christmas Card Ever

For years, my parents would force the three of us girls to write our own year-in-review for the family Christmas mass spam.  We all hated it and the effort would usually result in my parents tearing out all their hair…just in time for the holidays.  Writing my portion of the stunning novella that is the... Read more »

Can You Stay Friends With An Ex?

Jennifer Lopez arrives with husband Ojani Noa at a film premiere on April 7, 1997, in the Westwood section of Los Angeles. Lopez is suing Noa, now her ex-husband, claiming he demanded $5 million to keep him from publishing a book containing private details about the star and their relationship. (AP) You’ve both said your... Read more »

Congratulations, You Are Single For 2010

( You better find a good book. Chicago is a city of seasons.  Each single in this city is as ruled by these seasons as they are by the happy hours at Cactus.  As a result, if you have not found a relationship by the third week in October, ie. “Golden Week…congratulations, you are single... Read more »

I May Need To Be Quarantined Due To Foot-In-Mouth Syndrome

( This will be me trying to hitchhike out of town in t minus five hours…… Oh…crap. Chicago is too small. After this post, I may need to a) change my hair color, b) change my name, c) leave town, d) all the above. When I first moved to Chicago, I had a brief, but... Read more »

Ugly Duckling To Beauty Queen

(Photo Credit: “Every little girl should be told that she’s pretty.” – Marilyn Monroe   I could probably count on one hand the amount of times in my life when someone has told me I was attractive, bar the ex-boyfriend who would tell me I was pretty everytime I said something ridiculous.  I’ve always... Read more »