If I die before, I wake...Brittany Murphy dies at 32




My generation was one behind the Clueless fanatics, but my sister and her best friend saw it about five times in the theatre.  They took on the lingo and style, which means I (who idolized my older sister) took on the lingo and style.  From mini backpacks and pens with big furry puffs, we all wanted to capture that excessive Beverly Hills glamour in our Iowa zip code.

With the death of Brittany Murphy, 2009 continues to pick off celebrities and iconic stars even as it comes to a close.  This has certainly been a year of unexpected and sudden loss…many way before their time.  At each event, we collectively pause and contemplate our own mortalities, while remembering the star that was.  Even DJ AM, who miraculously survived a plan crash in 2008, was finally taken down by his demons.

Generally, I don’t live a destructive lifestyle.  Even with that, there is no reason to believe that I couldn’t get run over by a taxi or slip and break my neck.  Life can be a very fragile and unexplainable thing.  The most we can do is to leave some stamp of improvement on our environment.  Don’t put off till tomorrow what will make you happy today.

Five Thoughts:

  •  I’ve never been in love…and I really hope that happens.  I think that people tend to run away from the things that will actually make them the happiest.  I don’t know why we make it so difficult and complicated for ourselves…however, it really gives me an audience here…so…I definitely love you guys.
  • My niece is so spectacular.  I want her to always look up to me and think that I led an interesting life.
  • My family is amazing.  We’ve been through some extraordinarily rough patches and I’ve definitely not always shown my appreciation.  Like every family, we have our quirks, but truly I think both sisters, my mom and my dad are some of the most incredible, giving and loving people I have ever come across, not just in how they treat me, but in the ways they interact with the world around them.
  • My best friend and I have a pact that if one of us dies unexpectedly, that the other will “paparazzi proof” the other’s apartment.  Anything embarrassing gets thrown into Lake Michigan. 
  • I’ve been hurt and I’ve been let down, but I’ve always gotten through it.  What seems like the end of the line and the worst possible thing in the world will always mellow over time.  Look at these things as challenges rather than defeats.  It has always been in my darkest days that I’ve been given the greatest gifts…maybe it’s just because I’m more ready to see a light.

What is the one thing that you want to be remembered for and what are you doing to create that memory?


*Just went through and corrected the spelling of Britney to Brittany…I guess sometimes the Google Suggestions shouldn’t be used as a spell check, Ana!


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