Home is where the holidays are


The tree in my parents’ house. Go big or go home!

I’m laying in the guest bedroom at my parents’ home in Iowa, and thought I’d put up a post today.  I know that it’s Christmas and the idea is to spend the day playing Scrabble with your loved ones, but I thought I’d send out a little note to all of you who didn’t get the bb gun you’ve been begging for…you could shoot your eye out! 

Now that I’m a real grown up, it’s always equal parts strange and awesome to come home.  My parents have begun to modernize the house, which means that most rooms are nothing like I remember them.  My bedroom has been turned into my dad’s office (that was something they surprised me with last Christmas) and the adjoining bathroom has an chic new bowl sink.  The guest bedroom, where I sleep, was formerly my little sister’s room and even that has new closet doors.

I remember the day we moved in.  I had just turned four and was so conflicted about leaving our old house.  This one was way bigger, had an unfinished basement (which meant my sisters and I could rollerskate), and intercoms in every room, but the other house had all my memories and a really kick butt swingset with Big Bird handle bars.  In the new house, though, my sisters and I shared a room that could actually fit the three of us and we even had a toy room.  The backyard was so perfect for racing my sisters and playing with our dog.  And…next door…lived three BOYS!  Derek, the oldest, was my very first boyfriend…even if my first marriage was to Timmy (I mean, he lived at the top of a really sweet bike hill, for crying out loud!)  It totally sucked when “the boys” moved away.

It is so strange to be surrounded by all these memories and realize, “oh crap…I’m an adult!!  I am officially a grown up.”

Growing is so cool though.  Your parents start to become more like peers and you can really see their personalities and understand them better.  Although you always have a certain level of respect for them as “parent”, I think mine has grown with the more I’ve been able to understand and see through the cracks in the surface.  Plus, I get to have cocktails on holidays and wine at dinner…nice!

This Christmas, I totally scored on the ol’ presents from Santa.  I was super nice this year, p.s.  I got a record player that can change vinyl into mp3s, a microwave, Michael Buble’s “Crazy Love”, some jewelry, flashlights and pens.  My dad, however, made the COOLEST calendar with pictures from my parents’ journey together and all the important dates, like when they first talked about marriage (right before Christmas), when they adopted my sisters, when we went on family vacations and where.

I’m heading back to Chicago tomorrow.  These trips are always too short.  If they were any longer, however, I’d need to buy special “vacations at my parents’ house” size pants.  My mom is such an awesome cook and I have no sense of portion control when I’m here.  My mind just goes into “Ana, you are going to be eating ramen for the next six months” mode.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Accidentally Sexy!

What do you notice most about going home for the holidays?


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