Emoticon-ly Challenged: Technology, dating and the smilee




Technology changes everything.  With texting, tweeting and facebooking quickly becoming the main forms of flirting (seriously, call me, dudes!), it has become harder and harder to communicate your point effectively.  If you want to send a sarcastic comment or be less serious, you have to teeter around the thin line of emoticons to illustrate your tone.


Do you want to come over for coffee or continue doing laundry? 🙂

Translation: Let’s do it.

Do you want to come watch a movie? 🙂

Translation: We’re so going to do it.

I’m feeling sick.  Don’t feel like you need to bring me anything. 🙁

Translation: Doing someone else.

It’s way too much fun to shoot off a one-liner and bury this guy in wit.  Sarcasm is a fun little weapon, but sometimes its playfulness can get lost in an unknowing couplet.  It’s fun to play, but from age 24 on…it’s all game.  If a guy sends you an emoticon, it means one of two things a) he’s gay, or b) see above examples.

I recently got myself into trouble, because I tried to be witty with my emoticon usage.  Note to self: if you send 8—^-) it might look like a phallus rather than the long face advanced smilee you intended.  He will NOT call you back.

LOL 🙂 means one thing…….

How creative can you get with emoticons? 


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  • ;-) is way more suggestive than :-)

  • I have no clue how I missed commenting on this, since all I use are emoticons to express my innermost feelings..In my own defense I only use smileys that are already made up (facebook, on my phone, etc.) Maybe that's why I'm still single..? NAH!

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