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Tales of Terror: The EX-Files

Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein. Universal, 1948. Directed by Charles Barton. Lon Chaney, Jr. as the Werewolf It’s the day before Halloween and the weather outside is quite possibly the creepiest, muggiest scene outside of Stephen King’s The Fog.  So, gather around the campfire ladies…I’ve got some bone-chilling tales of ex-boyfriends that will keep you up... Read more »

What Will My Mom Say??

Mom in her 20s Omg…What Will My Mom Say? WWMMS??  If it is anything like my internal monologue, she will say “Ana Marie Fernatt, why are you draped across my browser?” Yes, this theme was mostly my idea.  Yes, I picked out the dress.  Yes, I do look like this everyday, all the time, never a... Read more »

Dating and the Michael Buble Rule

AP If there are two things I’ve learned about dating, it’s that there are way too many fish in the sea and it is waaaay too easy to snare one.  Each guy is so shiny and new with his unheard stories, unfelt lips and unseen living room.  Most times, out of pure curiosity, I find... Read more »

Kissing Is The Best

In seventh grade, I had my starry eyes glued to the pages of Seventeen and YM.  I read every tip and hint they could possibly have offered for securing that coveted first kiss.  I studied the methods and varieties of kissing as if it was a prerequisite for becoming a teenager.  Without these skills, you... Read more »

The Time Traveler's Ex-Girlfriend

Some days you’re on your game and some days you take three wrong trains to work.  Today is going to be the second variety.  The plan was 1) take early train, 2) avoid rush hour crowd, 3) write first blog post during commute, 4) arrive at work early.  Instead, my subconscious thought it would be... Read more »