The bonks the ride and the pickle juice lady

This year’s bike MS: Tour De Farms ride was, in short, HOT! The temps were way above normal, in the 90’s I think, and not a cloud in the sky. This is the short story of the ride the bonks and the pickle juice lady. Todd and I pedaled on in the morning, then after... Read more »

I've got the world on a string

For this Blogapalooz-hour, the topic is name a point or time in your life where you were at your best. The first thing that came into my mind was Frank Sinatra’s song I’ve got the world on a string Right now, I am growing a business. I’ve stepped away from emergency services dispatching and am... Read more »

I don't care if I ever ride again.

I don't care if I ever ride again.
Saturday, I went for a training ride with my buddy Todd. Our goal for that day was 60 miles. The temps were expected to be in the 90’s and a brisk SE wind to boot. Usually, if I know winds are going to be greater than thirteen mile per hour gusts, I don’t ride. I... Read more »

5 tips for surviving a long ride

If you’re cycling, you no doubt have wanted to go long. Maybe racing isn’t for you and you just want to take it slow and easy but yet still cover some miles. I have done four long events, and I want to share with you what I learned in participating in these events: 5 tips... Read more »

This is the I wish I knew then cycling edition

This is the I wish I knew then cycling edition
Once a month, the group of Chicago Now bloggers do an exercise called “Blogapalooz-Hour”. We are given a topic, and we need to write about, and publish, within an hour. Tonight’s topic is to write about something you know now that you wish you had known then. I can think of so many topics that... Read more »

You mean I don't have to answer any 9-1-1 calls ever again?

Today’s post has nothing to do with cycling, but everything to do with life. Please enjoy it and soon, I will be back on track! “9-1-1, whats the location of your emergency?” That is a phrase I repeated, well, too many times to count. Sometimes it was “Well, this isn’t really an emergency..” to “My... Read more »

When training becomes difficult

I’ve been riding now for about 3 years, and each year I usually ride for an event that is lengthy. When training becomes difficult for various reasons, I struggle to stay focused and dedicated. It’s not that I lose interest in riding, I just have those days where getting on the bike is so hard,... Read more »

Mechanical doping and what it means to a cycling fan

Mechanical doping and what it means to a cycling fan. Have you heard about this “new” invention? Maybe I can help shed a little light on what the buzz is all about. I had heard briefly about this new debacle a few months ago, but dismissed it as just another rumor in a world of... Read more »

Shut up and ride

Making sure the GoPro was working
Back in February of this year, I posted what I thought would be my last blog. I was ready to give up on this idea of The Accidental Cyclist. I had lost interest, didn’t care about riding or writing anymore, and in general, not wanting to do anything else. That was my depression talking. I... Read more »

We all have those friends

We all have those friends, you know the ones that you do everything with. But as time goes by, you grow, and lives change, people move and friendships end. When I was a kid, I had one friend named Matt, and we did everything together. His family and mine were close; our parents spent a... Read more »