Some environmentally friendly, WV- youth (and others) are wondering if big oil is lining Joe Manchin's silky, slimy pockets? Read on (cuz Joe M ain't gonna get away with this) and sing along to the tune of the old Beverly Hillbillies TV show/theme!

Sing to the tune of the old Beverly Hillbillies (television) theme song!

Come and listen to the story about a man named Joe,*
A rich mountaineer, but he’s barely gotta soul,
And then one day he was shootin off his mouth–
Crude, rude– yep frackin, crackin, fossil fuels protracting…
Simply smacking away at environmental action…

See, folks’ survival don’t matter when it comes to oily Joe!

Well, the first thing you know ole Joe’s a millionaire [could be a billionaire by now],
His kinfolk said–“Manchin move away from here”
Told prancin, Manchin–“DC’s the place you gotta be”
So they plied him with B***S and sent him to DC,

[Mansion (Manchin) style!]
Greed that is! Extinction; Joe loves his coal coins–ya hear!

Slimy Joe spooked the Dems, lordy what an awful prank!
Who gives a crap about climate when money’s in the bank!
Lotta folks complaining but the Trumpers found no fault…
‘Cause Manchin’s millions are banking–the climate change assault!

No planetary savings tips–rising toxic emissions ain’t no blip…

Well now it’s time to say good bye to Joe and coal antics.
Boot him–he’s making most generations frantic!
You’re all invited back this week to watch leaders shine
In Glasgow, you’ll have a heapin helping of climate redesign!

Biden/Casten/Kerry style. Set a spell, positive change is a-coming!

Y’all sit tight now, ya hear!


Message from MBB at COP 15 in 2009

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