Polar-Rizing Joes Manchins, Bears a dying, stultifying

Polar-Rizing Joes Manchins, Bears a dying, stultifying
Kids will not bow to Manchin's machinations and neither should we!

There stood a polar bear
Thinning, balding
Wearily limping, yet…
Clinging to an ice floe

The annihilating Joes Manchin
Occluding collaboration
Obstinance breeds greed
Avaricious Joes Manchins promote profit as…

Habitats diminish
Oceans warm
Fish lie motionless on the sand
And poor polar bear sags and moans
Barely rising

While rich, ravenous,
Dirty, paunchy politicians
Say no to everything because
They think they can stop

Leave us, gnawing at nearly nothing,
like the decrepit polar bear

Simply stymied

By the Polar-rizing
Pale faced, blue-eyed, wrinkled, aging white men
Ugly Joes Manchin
Clamoring–Ka ching, ka ching
Leaking methane in our skies,
As coal warms their deadly pockets

End the Polar-rizing
End the hoax on our offspring
Petty people, those Joes Manchins!

Face f-a-c-t-s of senseless inaction
Act—to eliminate fossil fuels
Capture methane leaks
Time to conquer Polar-rizing!

Joes Manchin machinations
Screw with our Poles,
Arctic’s melting
Glaciers are calving
Permafrost’s a-thawing

Polar bears dying
Leaving kids crying,
Populations frying
C’mon folks– Joes Manchin aint trying
Just more machinations


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