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There once was a man from Nantucket (made ya look!)? Oily Joe Manchin—likes of him not supported by climate advocates there; read on to learn about true climate hero, Sean Casten, the man from IL

Oily Joe’s not a man from NantucketAll he wants to do is MUCK it, (climate change, that is)Nantucket’s a leaderNo seals retreat hereFolks washed Joe’s nonsense away–witha buck-it!Now Sean Casten, he’s a leader!His plans should go to a breederHe fights climate Nero’sHe’ll get us to net-zeroesFighting misinfo, deniers, and elitersSeriously, Manchin, whose pockets are lined... Read more »

Polar-Rizing Joes Manchins, Bears a dying, stultifying

Polar-Rizing Joes Manchins, Bears a dying, stultifying
There stood a polar bearThinning, baldingWearily limping, yet…Clinging to an ice floeSurviving The annihilating Joes Manchin Occluding collaborationObstinance breeds greedAvaricious Joes Manchins promote profit as…Habitats diminishOceans warmFish lie motionless on the sandAnd poor polar bear sags and moansBarely risingWhile rich, ravenous, Dirty, paunchy politicians Say no to everything because They think they can stopScience?Leave us,... Read more »

Quirky college applicants understood by this sharp educator, making a case for "weird" college essays

Guest author, Rachel Stern DeJong, is the Co-President of Academic Tutoring Centers in Highland Park, IL; before that, she taught AP English at the High School of Math, Science and Engineering in New York City. When assisting students writing college (and other professional school) application essays, Rachel excels at identifying and presenting an authentic and... Read more »