Be inspired, be VERY inspired by K-9 students from the Midwest and their climate activism (supported by parents, mentors, community leaders, engineers, and scientists) from 1/06/21 to 1/06/22 and beyond)! These K-9 students were not misled by misinformation; they went (above and beyond) to explore and act pursuant to the science of climate change

Today marks the anniversary of events at the Capitol on January 6, 2022. But it also marks the day when my co-organizer of the Kids Climate Summit, the iconic and ever organized, Newenka Dumont, reminded our Kids Climate Summit 2021 team– that we–the team members scheduled to meet via Zoom on 1/06/2021– had a duty... Read more »

Bah humbug--insurance companies do not CARE much--or truly aim to PROTECT insureds!

“Ain’t I a human?*” In my experience, certain insurers don’t think so; they have hearts of stone!Just saying, when it comes to insurance coverage—at least coverage from a prominent insurance company based in Houston, Texas—staff has refused to approve my prescription for “brand” Synthroid pills–pills I have been taking (and been approved by said insurer... Read more »

Youth are smarter than you think, says a lawyer/K-9 teacher. Simple message to the Court: STOP Gaslighting!

My message to the Justices is simple: You can do better to end gender oppression, as well as voter suppression, and you can do the right thing NOW! No more gaslighting as Linda Greenfield of The NY Times noted!Guess what, even though I have not practiced law since 1996 (or thereabouts), some of our paths... Read more »

Why I read Michelle Goldberg and Heather Cox Richardson and tune out Kevin McCarthy; my response to Kevin is this--grow up and-----------"BAH HUMBUG"

I don’t have a lot of time these days. I am a grandma, and I am working hard to help some students (of all ages) make some noise on the climate crisis. If you are interested, please take a look at the link below:See, It’s a worthy website designed to give students a platform... Read more »

Some realizations the "morning after" Thanksgiving

I need to reflect on the “morning after” Thanksgiving. Yesterday, was wild, jarring at times, and also amazingly loving, thanks to my husband’s family and my dearest friends.Here I was, sitting in Palm Springs at my nearly 90 year old mother-in-law’s home on Thanksgiving Day–yesterday. I was feeling a little sorry for myself: my kids... Read more »

Why black parents may no longer have to accompany their children on a jog; maybe there's hope for my pal Tameka, who like Mr. Arbery, was chased by angry white folk, a chilling experience!

My mind is sort of muddled. It’s nearly Thanksgiving, and I know I should be thankful for recent, racial reckonings, Ahmaud Arbery and Charlottesville, v. the insane Rittenhouse verdict. I keep wondering–are the bad guys losing? The score–at least for this week–suggests so. C’mon its two to one in favor of people who respect the... Read more »

Be worried, be very worried; I believe the Rittenhouse case was fixed; in my heart, I know folks can do better!

Maybe 30 minutes ago, I watched the reading of the jury verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. I have watched key verdicts come down before, the OJ case, a case against one of the Kennedy’s, and have read Joyce Carole Oates’ chilling fictional piece on Chappaquiddick, entitled Black Water. I have come to expect, as... Read more »

How some astute fifth graders analyzed the caste system at their school (in the context of a John Russel masterpiece); fascinating to watch kids wrestle with dehumanization through "aha" moments!

For a number of years, I taught a complex, short story to a bunch of gifted, upper elementary kids, as part of a screening for advanced placement in middle school (my former school was located in an affluent suburban area). The title of the story was The Fourth Man, and it was written by the... Read more »

Greta T, on the climate crisis, try to focus on the positives; in my experience, it's the best way to message others!

I educate youth on the climate crisis, and trust me, it is a serious crisis. Beyond serious. And I am very grateful to Greta Thunberg and other youth (Jamie Margolin is one of Greta’s pals and she generously collaborated with the Chicago Gifted Community Center’—and our institutional partner, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy’s–efforts to... Read more »

Some environmentally friendly, WV- youth (and others) are wondering if big oil is lining Joe Manchin's silky, slimy pockets? Read on (cuz Joe M ain't gonna get away with this) and sing along to the tune of the old Beverly Hillbillies TV show/theme!

Sing to the tune of the old Beverly Hillbillies (television) theme song! Come and listen to the story about a man named Joe,*A rich mountaineer, but he’s barely gotta soul,And then one day he was shootin off his mouth–Crude, rude– yep frackin, crackin, fossil fuels protracting… Simply smacking away at environmental action…See, folks’ survival don’t... Read more »