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How my New Years went...

        “Here we go again!” I thought to myself as I mentally prepared to brace myself for another ‘New Years’ disappointment. It was stressful alone just thinking about how you were going to bring the New Years in, and this year seemed to make me envy those who planned for weeks. Ms. Procrastinator, or moreso,... Read more »

It's okay to lose, but for the right reasons. Let's hold on (weight) a minute!

If I could do a poll, I would come up with astonishing results of why people want to lose weight. You usually hear the typical reasoning, but deep inside, everyone knows the goal of losing weight is mostly appearance driven. Hence, the reason why spring is the ultimate gym season. Fitting into bikinis, those jeans,... Read more »

Try to learn how to train your dragon

        I saw the movie…..was very, very impressed. Yes, though very animated and considered a “kid” movie, there were a lot of hidden messages. When the movie starts it tells a tale, then all chaos breaks loose, then the first lesson appears of a little boy who battles between his misconceived passion, which turns out... Read more »