How my New Years went...

        “Here we go again!” I thought to myself as I mentally prepared to brace myself for another ‘New Years’ disappointment. It was stressful alone just thinking about how you were going to bring the New Years in, and this year seemed to make me envy those who planned for weeks. Ms. Procrastinator, or moreso, miss distracted by so many other things. Any who, I had known it was coming, but was I prepared for January 1, 2011? Ok audience, no, I’m not the one who’s got to bring the New Years in “big”, I’m not the partying type, I’m not the boogy, snooty that needs to have something on the ‘agenda’, but I am Unique. And every now and then, if not often, I’d like to see things other than the norm going on.

           So here were my ideas: to see what everyone else was doing and which ever sounded amusing to just follow pursuit. I asked around….and asked…..and asked…..and asked. Nothing, boring, ghetto, pricey, typical, was the things I was hearing, or my perspective thereof. So finally! At the last moment, someone asked me about a comedy show that was supposed to be going on New Years Eve. Random thoughts came to my head, “a comedy club on New Year’s Eve?”, “it maybe good to laugh the year in”, “sounds wierd.” Until finally, I felt, “this could be good!” Free food, free drinks, v.i.p. all for just $25! That’s perfect. Well I forgot to mention how my friend was going to treat and by that time money was an issue-as it was the last minute that we finally decided to do something. So my mind was set. Then, waiting on bf to make up they mind, I didn’t hear back from my friend and even I forgot to call to see if she was still in. By this time the person who was giving us the deal was on us because the tickets were selling quick.

            So what ended up happening: my friend called and said, “well me and my sisters were just thinking about barbecuing outside and drinking, what do you think.” I was thinking to myself, “ehh!” Sorry I just wasn’t up for barbecuing in the cold or eating barbecue while bringing in the New Year. it just didn’t sound ideal however, I definitely didn’t want to rain on her parade. So now goes the ticket to the comedy show……..oh well.

          …..But what happened next…………

               Anyways, I decided I’d just bring the New Year in with the kids and do the count down as such. Well, that night my landlord ended up calling me, she goes, “what ya doing tonight?” I go, “nothing, just hanging out with the kids, bringing NY in with them.” She says, “come go with me to my sister’s house downtown.” I say, “uh…I don’t know, I’ll think about it.” She goes, “come on, it’ll be fun!” I go, “I don’t know, is it kid friendly? I don’t know, I’ll think about it.” She said, “yeh girl, come on, you going just be ready.” So I thought, “this could very well be interesting, but downtown? Wow, what that be like? I’m not sure that would be kid friendly and here I’ll have my two youngins, probably the only one there with kids. And I’m not leaving them at home on NYE under such short notice.”
                So I went……. And when I tell you from the time I walked in her sister’s apartment to the time I left was so surreal. It was spiritually surreal!!!! It was a sign, revelation, whatever you want to call it, it was foreshadowing of what was to come for the upcoming year. From the time I walked into the place my mouth was open, but not obviously open, but I was silently slobbing! Foaming like a kid in the candy store! The place was immaculate! The space layout was open and welcoming, floor to ceiling windows that made you get nervous when you walked near them, balconies to embrace the Chicago Skyline and all there was to the majesty of the Windy City. Huge factors of Elegance, class, and charisma soaked the huge penthouse-like setting. The bathroom had a chase it in and all it was missing was the lady that came out wiped your hands for you and passed you the lotion! It was beautiful. It was as thought the kitchen itself had its on living room and dining room including a sing wrap-a-round bar that went around the corner to enter the actual living room-or space shall I say-where you could lounge! Every room had a flat screen no smaller than 32″ including the kitchen. I felt honored, I felt PROUD! I love to see people doing good or living well! Especially mine! They act just a little short of Heathcliff and Claire Huxstable who invited you in with a “me casu, u casu” or “me castle, u castle” would be more appropriate! It was eye opening, it was breathtaking! My kids looked at me as though to say, “Ma this the best trip to your ‘friends’ house we ever could have went to.” There were teens for my teen to be with, there was a 6 year old for my 4 year old to run around with… was NICE, real NICE!!! (Bernie Mac). Even some celebrities couldn’t do it like this. The palette of for they had was lovely. Jambalaya, Dressing w/turkey, gumbo, Lasagna, and a whole lot more including cakes and pies, pastries, etc. When we counted down the little ones went on the balcony to shout and look at the fireworks. It was a bit chilly but we danced and screamed on that balcony as though it was summer time, hot times in the city.
                     The aura and ambiance was sensational. THIS WAS WHERE I NEEDED TO BE AT THIS TIME. And all I could think of was, ‘what are you trying to tell me God?” He was certainly being slick with this one!! There had to be a message of some sort, but was it? Could it have been, “this your year! I got you!” Things that make you go hmmm………… (Recognize and realize the signs!) 

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