Be SOCIAL with media!

          Many people forget the whole concept of social
media and its’
platforms. They use it as a promotion tool and ways to blast out
about events, etc. But the majority has no concept of the real reasoning
it. Well people…let me just say that I’ve saved so many of your
lives!!! Now
being a previous  Social Media Director,
I’ve had people (your audience!) come to me upset and furious about
various people
who become their friends on facebook and then shortly all they see is a
of wall posts and tags regarding events and the like. That’s spam!!!!
Well people,
your fans and friends have spoken! STOP THE MADNESS!!! Facebook,
MySpace, and
twitter are not merely to get the word out about what’s going on in your
life. It’s
not just about you. Because you need something back in return, I suggest
become real strategic with how to go about winning fans and keeping
Because what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working! It’s cool though
because I
got your back! I had your back then and I have it now. Case and Point 1:
friend of mine came to me and told me she was going to delete someone
off her
page because all they do is bombard her page with events, etc, and they
speak or talk on her page, they just post “stuff”. They just post stuff –
is what
she said-and quite furious may I add. At first I didn’t get what she was
because she was livid and all she kept saying was that, “people keep
stuff on her wall” including family. I took a breath, thought about it,
the catastrophe, and jokingly said, “Ahhh!! Girl, that person is just
social media to get the word out about their show, or event! That’s what
certain people do. See facebook can be used in a creative way to rally
and fans behind you!” Of course, I had to say this in my excited
commercial voice
because she was clearly upset, and if no one else could explain it
it had to be me – the Social Media Strategist! (Laughing) ======> KEEP READING BELOW

Long story short, let’s
just say, I
won that battle but didn’t win the next. Someone else did the same and
not only
did I urge her not to delete that person but I urged her to use it the
but in a more thought out way , and she clearly said, “no, I’m deleting
So I didn’t win that battle. Okay people, hear me loud and clear because
I feel
like I’m obligated to help correct this problem as the expert. STOP

Now don’t
misinterpret what I just said. I didn’t say stop using facebook to
spread the
word.  I said stop harassing. Key word of
the day is: INTERACT!!!!! I learned this myself, so not only am I
the president
but I’m also the client. What you’re saying to your fans and friends
are: “I
only want to use you to come to my
event, to support me, to pay money
for my cause! I don’t want to talk to
you, I don’t need to talk to you! Just hear me out and tell your friends
their friend’s friends!” Now this has happened to me several times, but I
what’s going on, but many don’t.  And,
truth be told, that method may work for a little while to get friends,
trust me you won’t keep them by carrying on in that manner. They’ll
lose interest, peep game, and leave! Literally! No, this is not me
trying to
get you to let me be your Social Media
, this advice is for free.  (I’m
much craftier than that, lol) Again the keyword is INTERACT. I
actually had a
colleague who I’d given that advice to. In turn he began to interact and
people support him on a whole other level and they know more about him
and he’s
good at it.

                I mean
put yourself in your fans and friends shoes, would you want to see you
50 times to events? Would you want to scroll to see who’s talking
inspirationally on facebook and all you see is “COME TO MY EVENT
NOW!!!!! – in
bold letters?” In more interesting case, you barely know some of the
people who
are screaming at you. What would you do? I’ll tell you; you’ll ignore
it, block
that person, get sick of it, maybe look at it once then forget, or just
erase that person. People! Get on facebook and do what it’s meant to be
important, socialize and interact. Speak, be spoken to, listen, and
back! Pose questions. Especially controversial questions-whatever is
going to
keep your audience engaged. Take the feedback, respond! Whereas at
first, they only
felt like you spoke at them, now you’re speaking to them. Imagine going
to a
book signing or a show, and your fans are screaming for you and talking
to you
and your mute, not looking at them, and very cliché…….that’s not
only bogus, it’s

           Same with facebook;
I used to work at a very prestigious company in
which my boss spoke controversial topics. As her Social Media Director, I
to love to take her blog posts and articles and use it to pose a
question that
would, in turn, link to her article so her fans and friends could read
articles. There are billions of people, artists, authors, poets, social
causes, organizations, companies, etc, out there doing the same thing.
method I explained is going to make you stand out in a tremendous
way!!!Very strategic
eh? Well trust me, I had to learn myself. What it says is that you care
to take time to speak to me, ask my opinion, value my feedback and then
me to read an article or attend a show (as a treat). The point is you’re
with that treat (the icing on the cake), that treat is that event,
cause, or
article to be read.  You’re including
them. You’re also giving them a choice! You’re not forcing them to
listen by
bombarding their page. In return people feel so much more valued,
people new to facebook. And the kicker? They’ll even WANT to tell
friends.  You won’t even have to use your
tag button fifty times! You won’t have to spam your friends and bombard
with emails!! Try it out! Post a question on their page / wall. Watch
feedback you get. If it doesn’t work you have my permission to email
smack me,
but this doesn’t count if you’re not liked by many people. I can’t
account for
that! But if it does work feel free to send all checks and money orders
Uniquely Gifted/ Uniquely Inspired/ Unique Washington on facebook.
joking) Or better yet watch how I do this article. In fact, I’ve just
given you
a treat. Now you can use the platforms to the fullest without upsetting
fans and, not to mention, the facebook gods (who want to start charging
anyway for facebook because they feel they’re missing out).  So in the end, I was able to save most of you
from getting deleted, but not all of you.  Someone’s
going to be hard headed, someone’s
going to learned the hard way, someone’s going to exaggerate their
purpose and
get facebook canned, talked about, and the only word that you will
spread is: “DON’T ADD (add your name here) as a friend at all!!!” Now
with that
said, Sayonara!  And thank you for
letting me be a part of this informative moment!

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