It's okay to lose, but for the right reasons. Let's hold on (weight) a minute!

If I could do a poll, I would come up with astonishing results of why
people want to lose weight. You usually hear the typical reasoning, but
deep inside, everyone knows the goal of losing weight is mostly
appearance driven. Hence, the reason why spring is the ultimate gym
season. Fitting into bikinis, those jeans, that tank top, that shirt,
less rolls, less stomach, my bad; love handles. But who thinks of the
real motivation for weight loss? Even I myself had to check myself of
it’s purity. As well, on the other extreme, the poll would also lean
towards the fact that obesity kills. That maybe true, but break it down
in practical and comprehensible  terms. For men, the idea of a full six
pack becomes attractive, for women, we have numerous alterations that we
would like to make to our body. All we need to do is pretty much pick
one. But how many of us mentally love themselves and their body enough
to proceed to the next step which is the real reason to lose weight?
Think about it…once we began to love ourselves and be content with our
appearances, then we can focus on the real reason for weight loss: the
side effects of excessive fat.  ======> KEEP READING BELOW When you look at weight loss in terms of
vanity, your mind can easily battle you back with excuses. Only one
article helped me. This article helped me in such a way that made me
look at weight loss and health in a whole new light. It simply said: the
access of fat circling your organs (particularly the stomach) are
smuggling and weighing on your organs which will eventually cause the
organs to slow down and stop working effectively. One article stated:
“Lookin’ good (if that’s what you call it) without the health is just
extra-stupid.” Let me pinpoint a certain area..let’s take the stomach
and the fat surrounding it. Google a picture of the human stomach….see
how neatly packed it is? In fact, if you ask me, it’s pretty crowded
right? Imagine throwing 10-15 pounds of fat to add to that. Sound
amusing? Not quite? To me it was scary. Side effects of the excess fat
is the slow down of organ usage causing a strain on nerves and organs to
work properly.  Is that worth losing for rather than a bikini, or that
black dress? Well, let those just be perks of weight loss if so, but let
your real motivation be the actual side effects of damage excess fat
does to your body. Read more of the
side effects of belly fat!
change your perspective and NOW suddenly exercising will conveniently
fit into your schedule, now walking to the store rather than taking the
car doesn’t sound so bad, now jogging isn’t so painful, now going to the
gym doesn’t sound inconvenient. Now that Big Mac doesn’t look so good,
nor those tacos temp you. As usual…I’m just sayin’ I’m just keepin’ it
real….. That, my friends, is the real reason to lose weight.

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