Try to learn how to train your dragon

        I saw the movie…..was very, very impressed. Yes, though very animated
and considered a “kid” movie, there were a lot of hidden messages. When
the movie starts it tells a tale, then all chaos breaks loose, then the
first lesson appears of a little boy who battles between his
misconceived passion, which turns out to be his father’s.
Then begins the people pleasing struggle and the want to also please his
father. You also see his personal fears and facing that fear (dragon). A
main lesson including his fear was that it was never what should have
been his fear; he realized he let others dictate the truth and his
actions. Then he had to make a decision….follow the crowd, please dad,
or stand alone, be different, unique, and a leader. Well I’ll just say
he did just that. He faced different struggles because of his fear, but
in the end his heart was revealed and victory was through him. He
changed hearts, what a big burden on his shoulders I thought. Of course
other detailed lessons followed with this story-like the dragons(s) also
being misunderstood-but over all, deep, real deep. How many of us take
hold of movies to embrace character growth? How many of us see the
lessons and take heed? I’M JUST SAYIN’. Do you people please? Do you go
with the crowd? Do you dare stand and be different? Follow your
real passion? Very interestingly so, this was one of my adventures
revealed and confirmed through a cartoon. What about you? What are your
life’s lessons? Are you in a Hiccup situation? Got any dragons you need
to train? Following your passion or someone else’s? Very funny movie, in
face a must see. Cool
website too!

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