Trump Uncorked is No Laughing Matter

In 1905, Sigmund Freud wrote a book called “Jokes and their Relation to the Unconscious” in which he made the case that humor was often a vehicle to express untellable truths. I thought of that when Senator Bob Corker tweeted that the White House is like an adult day care center with no one on... Read more »

White Whale

I finally understand Moby Dick. After viewing a terrific dramatization of Melville’s famous tale of a whale (courtesy of Chicago’s “Looking Glass Theater“) I came away with the idea that all the bad stuff in Captain Ahab was projected onto his nemesis, Moby, and that he was willing to sacrifice his ship and crew in... Read more »

The Things We Care About

Why do we care about the things we care about? Why do some of us care passionately about climate change while others care deeply about the right to bear arms, for example? I wanted to write a blog on the topic. So I put “Write Blog” on my “To-Do List.” My “To-Do” List is something... Read more »

Lying is Bad for America's Health

Now that the issue of national health care is once more front and center, I’d like to call attention to a recent outbreak that has the potential of becoming a devastating epidemic. I’m speaking as a physician, psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst, and what I’m speaking about is lying. In over 30 years treating patients I have... Read more »

An American Tragedy

Lately I’ve been involved in some discussions with psychiatric colleagues about whether or not the President is crazy and ,whether we as mental health professionals can, should, must, or should never speak out about it. The conflicting and strongly held views relate to our problem agreeing on what “crazy” means, our concerns over legal liability,... Read more »

Getting Ready for the Trumpsformation

  This week I’ve been struggling to get ready for the moment at which our American molecules reconfigure and we morph into whatever we’re going to become on this Inauguration Day.   Metaphors like “changing of the guard” or “passing the baton” just don’t work for me when it comes to the space between this... Read more »

It's Profiles in Courage Time for the Electoral College

The Electoral College casts their votes on December 19th.   The sentiments I hear most often are that it ‘s a done deal, that the electors are obliged to vote for Trump, and that we should accept this miserable situation. I think this is a terrible mistake. If we ever needed the electoral college , it’s... Read more »

Khalesi Wanted- Dragon a Plus

Khalesi Wanted- Dragon a Plus
Like many of us, I’ve spent the last few days trying to guess what the world of Trump will look like. Will he be played by the Republicans who supported him and can’t stand him? Will he be play them instead? As I contemplated the possibilities for gamesmanship, I came to the realization that my... Read more »

I Guess It Had to Happen This Way

Some time ago I was thinking that in order to avoid torches and pitchforks, the first thing Hillary Clinton needed to do after she was elected was to meet with Donald Trump’s supporters to find out what they were so angry about. It’s not going to happen that way. Tuesday left me stunned, and Wednesday... Read more »

Oh Bernie, Where Art Thou?

Oh Bernie, Where Art Thou?
(If anyone who reads this knows anyone who knows Bernie Sanders,  please pass this on- NS) Dear Bernie, Not so long ago I was hearing so much from you. Now I’m wondering where you’ve gone. The other day after hearing the latest election polls indicating a shrinking lead for Hillary, awash in feelings of helplessness,... Read more »