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Working Through the Van Dyke -McDonald Tragedy

They say that seeing is believing. Then again, sometimes you don’t want to believe what you are seeing. Here’s an example: the shooting death of Laquan McDonald. Despite initial efforts to keep this out of sight, we, collectively, brought it out of the shadows and dealt with it in the way that citizenship requires, through... Read more »

On Being Humiliated

Among the lessons to be learned from the Senate hearings on Judge Kavanaugh, one that should not be missed is the psychological power of humiliation. It wasn’t the sexual assault or the fear for her life that made the strongest impression on Dr. Blasey- Ford. It was the humiliating experience of hearing Kavanaugh and his... Read more »

Time For A New Social Contract?

The wave of freedom sweeping  over the mideast and Africa brings to my mind other changing times, including and especially the wave that swept over the Atlantic Ocean and brought about our nation’s birth. We were, as Lincoln pointed out,  a nation “conceived in liberty.”  That is, our founding principles derived from the thoughts of... Read more »


“Where has the starlight gone, dark is the day- how can I find my way home?”- Simba, “The Lion King” (Elton John and Tim Rice) One of the great unanswered riddles of the universe goes like this: “Is the world getting worse, or are we just more aware of it?”  Usually I think about this... Read more »