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Guest Poster, Patrick O'Hara: Social media is my distraction.

As if I need more distractions, I find that having Facebook and Twitter open on my computer turns what should only takes a few minutes into an hour.  I begin writing then oh wait, I thought of a funny status.  Oh my friend just got a new puppy, like.   I have a new follower on... Read more »

Blogging: Anyone Can Do It

Oh sure. Now anyone can do it. You too can post a blog at ChicagoNow. Way to stomp on my swagger.   Being rather new to the ChicagoNow fold, I’ve been bragging to anyone who’ll listen that my blog has been accepted at ChicagoNow. That’s right, a Chicago Tribune Media Services collection of blogs. I... Read more »

Training Fish

I have a trained fish.  I know this brings up an obvious question: Why? Mel is my writing companion. (After Herman Melville. Get it? Moby Dick?) Mel’s a mostly pink Betta fish that lives on the bookshelves next to my writing desk.  (And don’t get any ideas just because he’s mostly pink. He’s still a... Read more »