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Guest Poster, Patrick O'Hara: Social media is my distraction.

As if I need more distractions, I find that having Facebook and Twitter open on my computer turns what should only takes a few minutes into an hour.  I begin writing then oh wait, I thought of a funny status.  Oh my friend just got a new puppy, like.   I have a new follower on... Read more »

Bad blog going around

A friend of mine, we’ll call him “Jim,” recently sent me the following direct message on Twitter: “Bad blog going around about you, heard or seen it yet?  airtar(dot)ru.”  Jim’s a pretty media savvy kind of guy and I’m a totally paranoid kind of gal, so naturally I clicked on the link. The site was... Read more »

Really Sexy Men Clean House

When I read my friend Rick’s post yesterday, [The Best Time to Visit My House] about cleaning his house, my very first thought was, I’m surprise Bridget doesn’t attack you. I mean in a good way. Have you read this article from the Washington Post, about what turns women on, Naked Man Parts? Not so... Read more »