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The Cubs Calendar

“If it isn’t on The Kitchen Calendar, then it isn’t happening in my world.” I say this often and for better or worse, my family knows it’s true. If they don’t tell me, and then sometimes stand there to physically watch me write it down on THE calendar on the fridge, the chances of “it”... Read more »

A Cubs/Old Style Brew-ha-ha

Because the high temperature today will be in the mid-forties with the wind gusting to thirty off the lake, it means it’s my turn to go to the Cubs game this afternoon. Natch. The only good thing about going to a game on a day like today is the beer stays cold. But acitymom foresees... Read more »

Suffering Bears Fan?

Here’s just the thing. Found this at the store today and thought it just about sums it up. I wish I’d had this yesterday.  Well, as we Cubs fans like to say, “Wait ’til next year.” Personally, I think this is such a great idea, I might look into the possibility of manufacturing some Cubs... Read more »

Fair Weather Bears Fan-Time to Fess Up

The big game is this Sunday and of course we’re going to watch it. Go Bears! But it feels sort of pretentious to me. We are Bears fans, but we rarely sit down and watch the games. The last time I tried it was the Sunday we played the Patriots, and just look at how... Read more »

Retiring Number Ten--Saying Good Bye to Ron Santo

Never in my life have I cried over the death of a celebrity. Ever. Yet every single time I read anything about Ron Santo I burst into tears. Not huge hiccupping sobs, but tears. I feel like I’ve lost a friend.      I’m a Cubs fan, of course. (Our dog is named Wrigley, for... Read more »