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Let's Re-Write History! Newspaper Deletes Clinton from Picture

Last week I wrote about the iconic photograph of our leaders in the situation room watching as Osama bin Laden was captured and killed A Mom in the War Room. My observations kicked up a bit of a stir. But nothing quite like this.CNN-Religious Paper Cuts Clinton from Photo  A Hasidic newspaper, Di Tzeitung, based... Read more »

Freedom is not Free: acitymom the chaperone returns from Washington DC

You probably thought acitymom didn’t survive her chaperoning experience, or that perhaps she and the other chaperones (who were all very cool, btw; not a hoverer in the bunch) had been tied up and locked on a bus while one-hundred eighth graders proceeded to wreak havoc on our nation’s Capitol, you know, kind of like... Read more »

Bite me CNN: 15 Places you can put your list of family vacations

Hey CNN and Budget Travel. Bite me. I just read your article, 15 Places Kids should see by age 15. You forgot the subtitle, if you’re really, really rich and have a lot of free time. According to my calculations, you’d need over fifty-thousand dollars, minimum, to get your family of five from Chicago to... Read more »

Article clipping 2010 style: Is it email antimatter to your kids?

I sent my son Kyle an email last week with a link to a CNN article about the scientists at CERN laboratory in Switzerland who had created antimatter. (Here’s the link:CNNWorld-Scientists Capture Antimatter Atoms ) I knew he’d be interested in seeing it, because for the last year or so he’s said he wants to... Read more »