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Guest Post, Patrick O'Hara: I Remember Having Days Off...

I remember as a kid having every day off memorized.  I would count them out and figure out just how many days off of school I had.  Teacher Institute Day!!!  I had no idea what the hell that was, all I knew is that I was off that day.  I mean it was like a... Read more »

Guest Blogger, Patrick O'Hara: I Am the Cool Friend of Parents Guy

I am a guest here, and I know the name of this blog.   That being said I do not have any children.  I know not every blog here is about kids but I figured I should write about something parent related.   So here goes… Being a comedian I have a hard time being serious most... Read more »

Guest Post, Patrick O'Hara: A Music Geek Laments Radio.

I am a music nut, not a day passes when I have not listened to music.  I have a wide range of tastes, I like popular bands but love artists no one has heard of. I began my music education listening to my dad’s LPs but a large part of my music taste was given... Read more »

Guest Poster, Patrick O'Hara: Social media is my distraction.

As if I need more distractions, I find that having Facebook and Twitter open on my computer turns what should only takes a few minutes into an hour.  I begin writing then oh wait, I thought of a funny status.  Oh my friend just got a new puppy, like.   I have a new follower on... Read more »

Flash Mobs are just Terrorists: Chicago will not let them win

Flash Mobs are just Terrorists: Chicago will not let them win
Today my sons had their graduation lunch at the Hancock building, the Signature Room to be exact. I don’t remember my eighth grade graduation lunch. Wait. I know why that is. It’s because we didn’t have one, much less one at the Signature Room. Regardless, as we walked down Michigan Avenue today, past the Water... Read more »