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Guest Post, Patrick O'Hara: I Remember Having Days Off...

I remember as a kid having every day off memorized.  I would count them out and figure out just how many days off of school I had.  Teacher Institute Day!!!  I had no idea what the hell that was, all I knew is that I was off that day.  I mean it was like a... Read more »

Guest Blogger, Patrick O'Hara: I Am the Cool Friend of Parents Guy

I am a guest here, and I know the name of this blog.   That being said I do not have any children.  I know not every blog here is about kids but I figured I should write about something parent related.   So here goes… Being a comedian I have a hard time being serious most... Read more »

Guest Poster, Patrick O'Hara: A World Without Bacon?

The world is supposedly going to end this December.  This pales in comparison to other news I have been reading, worse than a zombie apocalypse worse than knowing there will be another season of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”.   We are in danger of an impending bacon shortage. I cannot think of a scarier scenario,... Read more »

Guest Post, Patrick O'Hara: Songs We Lose in the Break Up

One sad reality of a break up, perhaps the biggest loss of them all is the music.  The songs you listened to together, the ones that remind you of love.  The songs you sang because that person made you feel like singing.  The first song you heard when you kissed, the first one when you... Read more »

Guest Post, Patrick O'Hara: A Music Geek Laments Radio.

I am a music nut, not a day passes when I have not listened to music.  I have a wide range of tastes, I like popular bands but love artists no one has heard of. I began my music education listening to my dad’s LPs but a large part of my music taste was given... Read more »

Guest Poster, Patrick O'Hara: Social media is my distraction.

As if I need more distractions, I find that having Facebook and Twitter open on my computer turns what should only takes a few minutes into an hour.  I begin writing then oh wait, I thought of a funny status.  Oh my friend just got a new puppy, like.   I have a new follower on... Read more »