Eight reasons it’s really fun the Cubs are having a winning season

Eight reasons it’s really fun the Cubs are having a winning season

8) “Whoomp, There it is!”  I’ve never heard this at Cubs games before this season and I’m not sure where it originated but it sure is fun to sing out, even if it is a bit taunty and taunting is not nice and terrible karmically, but, dang it, after suffering through so many tomahawk chops…

7) Even Left Field and Right Field seem to be getting along—I haven’t heard “Left Field Sucks!”  or “Right Field Sucks!” at a game all season.

6) Sweeping other teams is a new and glorious feeling. And sweeping is a form of cleanliness and cleanliness is next to Godliness.

5) Even the beer vendors seem happy, instead of being their old grumpy (mostly grumpy) selves. Although, I’ve noticed, they’re not offering any discounts.

4) Pat Hughes and Ron Coomer sound downright giddy on the radio.

3) The really loud fans of the opposing team behind you usually shut up around the sixth inning.

2) You get letters in the mail asking if you want to reserve your seats for the post season.

1) WIN Flags everywhere!

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