Norwegian Air Should Give You a Scare

Norwegian Air Should Give You a Scare

Norwegian Air International. Sounds like a great brand name, doesn’t it? Sounds nice. Safe. Very Nordic. But Norwegian Air International is not going to be based in Norway. I know! It has applied for an Irish Air Operator’s Permit. But not to worry, because Norwegian Air International has no intention of ever flying a plane into or out of Ireland.

Wait, That’s really weird, is what you must be thinking. And I haven’t even gotten to the weird part yet. Norwegian Air International is going to have pilots base in Thailand! But they’re not going to be hired by Norwegian Air International, or an Irish company or even a company in Thailand. Nope, that’s exactly what you’d be expecting. Norwegian Air International pilots will be “rented” (individual employment contracts) from a Singapore employment company.

Now, why would a company based in Oslo, Norway want to operate as an Irish Airline, that won’t fly to Ireland, with pilots based in Thailand, another country Norwegian Air International does not fly to? Because they will save money, that’s why. And now, Norwegian Air International has applied to the Department of Transportation for a Foreign Air Carrier Permit, which would allow it to fly into the United States.

With their convoluted business model, how will regulatory oversight of this airline be conducted? With an Irish Air Operator’s Permit, how will Ireland make sure these jets are maintained properly when the jets themselves never touch the ground in Ireland? And what about the pilots and their qualifications?  To quote the Air Line Pilots Association:

The safety and training standards of this Norwegian Air International scheme would be nowhere near those required by law of a major American or European carrier. Their sub-standard labor practices would be outside American and European control as well.

To be frank, I don’t want these Bozos flying over my house. And neither should you.

Please take a moment to sign the petition to the Department of Transportation to deny Norwegian Air International’s application for a Foreign Air Carrier Permit. Tens of thousands of American jobs and the US airline industry itself are threatened by this ridiculous business model.

We all like cheap flights, but they should not come at the expense of safety.

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