Do you know what I.C.E. stands for?

Do you know what I.C.E. stands for?
This is what my lockscreen would look like if my favorite photo was of a blurry giraffe at the Lincoln Park zoo

Up until a few weeks ago, I didn’t. ICE or I.C.E. stands for In Case of Emergency.  And following the designation “ICE” should be the phone number of the person you want paramedics or emergency personnel to contact if you’re incapacitated and cannot tell them yourself.

If you already know about ICE, well that’s fantastic. You are dismissed. Feel free to go about your day, Ms./Mr. Smarty-Pants. However, if you’ve been living under the same techno-rock as I apparently have been, please keep reading.

Here’s a really good article on about putting ICE info on your cellphone, part of a movement started a few years ago by a paramedic from England. The recommendation is to put your ICE number in your cellphone’s address book and also on a card in your wallet, and while the article mentions that people who’ve experienced a life-threatening calamity often are separated from their wallets and cellphones, it stops short of suggestion you have an ICE contact tattooed on your chest.

However, since a lot of cellphone users like myself have pin codes for accessing their phones (and I highly recommend this. I had my cellphone stolen last year and was very grateful for this extra security measure. No unwanted international calls to Pago Pago.) I chose to put my ICE number on the lock screen of my cellphone. Now, since my lock screen is a photo of my children that I didn’t want to part with, because it makes me smile every time I turn on my phone, I was torn. But A City Mom put on her Thinking Cap and came up with an idea, which, unfortunately, was not how to fix my Thinking Cap hat-headed hair.

Here was my solution: I went to another favorite website, PicMonkey (where I usually ad the copyright watermarks to my blog photos) and added the ICE phone number to my photo of my kids. Ta-da! And PicMoneky is FREE. No strings attached. And it’s very easy to use. And now I’m going to make all three of my children do it, too, because I don’t think even an emergency could separate them from their cellphones. And I’m not a big fan of tattoos.

The featured image above is an example of what your lockscreen could look like, you know, if your favorite photo of your child makes him/her look like a blurry giraffe at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Consider this a public service announcement from A City Mom, and not advice, because I never give advice. As an added bonus, if your phone is ever lost, (and most people would consider this an emergency) there will be a number readily available for any good samaritan to call.

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