Liz Phair and Wheat: Baby It's Cold Outside

Liz Phair and Wheat: Baby It's Cold Outside

What the heck is up with this song? It’s everywhere. On every radio station in town. I LOVE it.  I want to OWN it. And yet, that is seemingly impossible.

It appears, according to many Google searches, of every shape size and form (Wheat first, Liz first, Baby It’s Cold Outside first), that I am not alone. A lot of folks on the internets are looking to own their very own copy of this cool (cold?) wintery song. There’s gotta be a way! Someone. Anyone? Tell us how!

It’s not on iTunes. It’s not downloadable anywhere I can find. And I WANT IT. I want to own it and play it on my iPod. Over and over.

All the radio stations have copies. How did they get them? What can we do to bribe you get you to give us a copy, or tell us how to purchase our own?

Liz Phair, Wheat, are you out there listening? There’s a crowd, hungry masses, wanting to give you money, okay not crap tons, but you know, a buck-twenty-nine, for your song! HELP us! HELP us help you get rich(er)!

I just hate things that seem impossible–it’s like a challenge. So, if anyone out there knows how, or knows someone, a guy, that knows someone, that will let us, the internet masses, get our hands on this song, that would be totally awesome. Don’t leave us out in the cold!

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