Did Facebook's new algorithm make me invisible?

Did Facebook's new algorithm make me invisible?

Facebook’s new algorithm has me feeling like a nobody. The last few times I posted a status update, no one Liked it. No one commented on it. I got crickets. I felt betrayed by all 986 of my closest friends. Usually I get all sorts of Likes and comments. Only rarely, crickets. So, what’s up?

It’s no secret Facebook recently changed its newsfeed in a way to discourage brands and advertising and meme makers and sharers like Buzzfeed and Viral Nova. The powers that be at ChicagoNow told us bloggers not to worry, because the new system was going to promote “high quality articles” which the content we create is supposedly considered to be. Well, maybe the content created by the other ChicagoNow bloggers, anyway.

But this is my personal news feed I’m talking about. Not my A City Mom Page or my Author Page. It was my ME page. Did something change there as well? It sure feels like it. Or maybe my idiotic status updates were so mundane as to not generate one single comment or Like from any of my friends. (Note to self: no more comments about how all of your kids forgot stuff at home.) I felt so embarrassed and invisible, I actually pulled a couple of them down.

Did my friends not see them in their newsfeeds? Did all 986 of my closest friends simultaneously turn their backs on me? I mean, how could no one respond when I cry out so desperately, “Hello? Is anybody out there?” (Is it like that analogy of the tree falling in the forest? If no one’s there to see it, did I actually post a status update?)

It’s no secret I’m on Facebook to sell books and promote my blog. But that’s not the only reason. I like Facebook. It’s fun. It may have started out as a marketing tool, but it’s evolved into something else entirely. I’ve made new friends—real people in my real life, through Facebook. I’ve become reacquainted with old friends. I’ve become closer to acquaintances I now consider friends, all because of the exchanges we have every day on our newsfeeds.

If somehow the geniuses over at Facebook have tampered with their algorithm in such a way as to make some of us real people feel invisible, then they’re going to lose the very base of people they were trying to keep in their attempt to get rid of extraneous marketing content. Maybe it’s that they don’t want any competition for their “Like Pages,” but in my opinion, those should have been the first to go.

I’m sure they’re shaking in their boots over at Facebook headquarters, worried our discontent will have us leaving in droves for Google+ or Pinterest or Twitter. It’s probably the same way they felt at one time over at MySpace.

Has anyone else experienced or noticed this? (I’ve also noticed the amount of people on Live Chat seems to have dropped precipitously from the usual numbers I saw in the past.) Anyone?

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