LinkedIn Endorsements don’t mean a thing, but they’re still kinda fun to play with

LinkedIn Endorsements don’t mean a thing, but they’re still kinda fun to play with
My LinkedIn connection is not an arc welder, but she just loved Flashdance, so...











Recently on LinkedIn, I’ve received several endorsements for short story writing. The last short story I wrote, if I say so myself, was pretty darn good. The only problem is, I wrote it in high school over thirty-years ago and none of the people who endorsed me on its goodness were Mrs. Dwyer, my high school English teacher, the only person who actually read it. (And if you noticed the grammar in that last sentence, you may think she should have done a better job in that department. But I blame myself for having a crush on *David Romano and was therefore too distracted to pay attention to the finer points of English grammar, what with him sitting right next to me being so cute and all.)

The endorsement thing on LinkedIn is relatively new on the site. I can see why people in the business world would appreciate being endorsed for specific skills and talents. I imagine it would be the same as getting Likes on Facebook and we all know how much I like my Likes. But there’s no way to vet the endorsements. As long as you’re connected to someone, you can endorse them. (<<<see what I did there—more bad grammar. Word says it should say “him or her”. And where should that period go–inside the quote, right? Unless you’re in England. Then it belongs on the wrong side of the road.) for anything that pops up on the screen. I know my friends meant well when they endorsed me for short stories, but I think the folks that endorsed me for copy-editing may have committed a crime against grammarians everywhere.

Honesty, is of course, the best policy and we shouldn’t be endorsing people for skills we know they don’t have. But golly, it’s hard to stop yourself from trying to help out a friend. Which is why I endorsed my girlfriend “Amy” for arc welding and my husband for knowing about insider trading. That was helpful, right Honey?

I’m not the first person who’s come to this LinkedIn is lame with the endorsements conclusion. A quick Google search just now turned up a bunch of online articles on the very subject. Maybe one of my LinkedIn connections can endorse me for always being late to the party. In the mean time, I’m going to go endorse my friend, we’ll call him “Michael,”  for his knowledge of helicopters.

*This is not his real name. I am trying to save him from PTSD, Post Teen Strickland Disorder.

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