Summer Brain Drain: It can happen to your kids, too

Summer Brain Drain: It can happen to your kids, too

Summer Brain drain is a very real and worrisome phenomenon. And I hear it can happen to my kids, too. This is terrible news. Because while I look forward to the lazy languid days of summer, I really dislike the idea of brain drainage. It will mean just one more mess for mom to clean up.

This summer has been preternaturally busy. (I do believe that’s the first use of a six-syllable word in any A City Mom column to date, but I felt some grey matter beginning to seep from my left ear and thought the best way to have that cease would be to pull out a thesaurus, or any other really hard to spell and enormous tome and find a big, impressive word to use. I was correct. Only one small drop of cerebral cortex on my desk.) Today, for me, feels like the first day of summer vacation, because it’s the first time since school let out that I haven’t felt like I got shot out of a canon at 7 am.

We’ve had doctor appointments (It’s doctor season!) and camp up in Evanston, which is a really nice place for camp, but would be so much nicer if it were closer to me and there were an easier route to drive there and not so many uptight aggressive dorks in their Chevy Malibus trying to outsmart all the left-turn lanes on Ridge Avenue. We have one son studying abroad this summer and while, since his departure, we’ve noticed an abrupt increase in the amount of available glassware in the kitchen cupboard and a precipitous decrease in laundry, getting him prepped for his month abroad required the logistical planning skills of a war-time general and the purchase of an inordinate amount of Hawaiian shirts at Kohl’s.

Aaaah, but today. Today I begin the day with a cup of coffee and my laptop. It’s the summertime dream, the slow, easing into a morning. And even though I know I have a ton of laundry and gardening and groceries and errands and…and…and… Right now, my son that isn’t abroad is still asleep, my daughter is amusing herself in front of the Disney channel and I can begin the long slow wonderful process of allowing myself to be gradually lobotomized by days that begin tranquilly instead of with the boom of canon fire. You will know I have achieved summer brain drain success, when, by September, my blogs are even less intelligible than this one.

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