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On Memorial Day, Remember

On Memorial Day, Remember
Today, let’s remember that Freedom is Not Free.. Let’s remember all the brave men and women who fought and died for our country, for the freedoms we enjoy every day. Let’s not take for granted that we can voice our opinions, however different, about our politicians, our government, our baseball teams or even perhaps the... Read more »

Five more things only Mom can do

Turn a dirty sock right side out. 

Because who doesn't love sticking their hand inside dirty, sweaty, smelly socks? Over and over and over again.
Last month I wrote a blog about the  Ten Things Only Mom Can Do. Little did I know, there were five more things lurking, waiting in the shadows, for me. And me alone. Thank you for reading! Please join A City Mom on Facebook here and/or following me on Twitter @acitymom.  Did you enjoy A City Mom? Here’s... Read more »

All I want for Mother's Day: All my children with me

Tonight, on Mother’s Day Eve, which is a new holiday that I just made up, I find myself fantasizing about how I want tomorrow to go. I want to sleep in. Late. I want breakfast in bed, as per tradition (Pop-Tarts with the wrappers off!) and I want to, for twenty-four solid hours, not CLEAN... Read more »

Back when I was doing stand up comedy at The Laugh Factory

Back when I was doing stand up comedy at The Laugh Factory
I am not a stand-up comic, but I played one at the Laugh Factory a couple of weeks ago. No, it wasn’t on a dare and I did not lose a bet. The ChicagoNow bloggers had the run of the place on the night of April 16th and, on a first come first serve basis,... Read more »