Tom Skilling won't friend me on Facebook

Tom Skilling won't friend me on Facebook

Two-and-a-half-years ago, I tried to Friend Tom Skilling on Facebook. It was not the typical Facebook friending nonsense, you know, like, I want to have a bunch of famous friends so people will think I’m cool. (Okay, it maybe was just a little bit of that.) But c’mon, we all know who these frantic famous-frienders are. They have thousands of FB friends and half of them are dead historical figures. This is just cheating in my book.

No, I really, really wanted, still want, to be Facebook friends with Tom Skilling. Ever since his refusal, it’s been two-and-a-half-years of heartache. Of waking up every single morning wondering how I’m going to face the day, another day of weather, without having the knowledge that Tom Skilling is my dear Facebook friend. Oh, sure, he sent me a nice consolation prize. This very thoughtful FB message featured above, saying he already had sooo many friends and “the rules”, etc., etc. But…but, doesn’t he realize? Doesn’t he know? I love the weather as much as he does! My day-job is all about the weather! My friendship would be for real!

How many of his other so-called Facebook friends can talk to him intelligently about occluded fronts? Do they know the difference between hectopascals and millibars? Do they? (Of course not, because that’s a trick question; there is no difference between hectopascals and millibars!) But do they know the difference between hectopascals and inches of mercury? Huh? Do they get excited when the temperature dewpoint spread is close and the wind is off the lake? I didn’t think so.

Oh, Tommy Skilling, why? Why won’t you friend me? All those five-thousand of your dearest Facebook friends, did they notice when you got new glasses back in ’09? Do they swoon when you say, “the isobars are packed?” Are they sitting on the couch, night after night after night, sniffing into their Kleenex, wondering what they have that A City Mom doesn’t, every time you bring up an Alberta clipper?

Sure, I “joined his community.” I now follow his Facebook fan page. Me and 71,000 others, but it’s just not the same. And today, as Chicago stares down another snowstorm, I’ll be glued to my couch (with my Kleenex!), enthralled with the Rapid Precision Mesoscale Forecast (that’s the RPM Forecast to you fair-weather friends) cheering him on. Because I’m a true friend, Tom Skilling. Someone you can count on, no matter what. Just ask John Kass.

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