Like, those Facebook Likes mean a lot

Like, those Facebook Likes mean a lot

For a blogger, getting “Liked” on Facebook or getting Facebook Likes on our page is HUGE. It’s a validation. I can’t speak for others, but I spend some days compulsively checking my A City Mom page like some sort of experimental rat, clicking over and over to see if that Like count has moved up. Why? Because when it does, it means you like me. You really, really like me.

Sure, we get hit counts and traffic reports and bounce rates, blah, blah, blah. I even know where you are, well, what city you’re in, not necessarily on the couch in your pajamas. But how do I know you hit on my page because you wanted to read about my tradition of hanging Christmas lights while having a fight with my husband or because you Googled “hanging Christmas lights” and you showed up on my page because you thought you were going to get actual advice. When you Like my posts. When you Like my blog page. That’s when I know you got the laugh I wanted to give as opposed to electrocuted.

Recently, we had a blog go viral here at ChicagoNow. Every blogger’s dream! Baby Sideburns: What NOT to buy my kids this Christmas 131,000 Likes and counting. The number of people who like her blog is now 11,000+ and growing. Amazing. (Soon those literary agents will be calling her, if they haven’t already.) But what she must be feeling? High. It’s the only way I can describe the feeling of being Liked so much, and that’s coming from the person whose record number of likes is 1,000, but I usually average around ten per blog. Maybe. On a good day. But. Every. Single. Like is important to me. Every single one. I love my Likes.

Every since I’ve been blogging, I’ve become a LOT more generous with my Likes. I Like everything. I Like all the pages my friends suggest. I am not discriminant. This is why you’ll find in my profile such diverse Likes as the movie Musical Chairs (my friend wrote and directed it!),  Count Gregula’s Crypt and The Balding Handbook . Because I know how much it means to them to have a lot of Likes. Maybe not as much as it means to me (see lab rat reference above) but I know it means something. So, please, loosen up that Like finger (Really, no one is going to your Facebook page thinking, Eww, she likes Mr. Clean? Seriously?) because to us bloggers and book authors and business owners, those Likes mean a lot. It’s why I practically actually BEG people to Like my page after every post. Is it pathetic? Probably. But when you Like me, you really really make me feel good. And when you can do something so simple, so easy and effortless, to make other people feel good, isn’t that something worth doing?

Thank you for reading A City Mom! Please, I beg you, Like my A City Mom page on Facebook here and/or following me on Twitter @acitymom. And I will Like you back.

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