Transitioning to Vibram Running Shoes, Part 7: A new pair of Merrell's

Transitioning to Vibram Running Shoes, Part 7: A new pair of Merrell's

The other day when I was saving my husband money while out shopping at TJ Maxx, I discovered this pair of Merrell running shoes and I knew what I had to do. I mean, just look at them. If I didn’t buy them, nobody would. They are called ”Lithe Glove Cosmo Pink Merrell Performance Footwear,” but I liked them because they had the words Pink and Cosmo in the title.

Actually, I needed another pair of minimalist shoes while making my transition to Vibrams, and that’s why I picked these up off the rack in the store. (I hate packing soggy shoes when I go on a trip.) Imagine how excited I was when I saw these had Vibram soles! They fit perfectly. (I went ½ size up, compared to 1 ½ sizes for my traditional running shoes) Plus they were only $45. See how I save you money, Dear?

Then I did a stupid thing. I ran 4.5 in them yesterday. I know I shouldn’t have gone quite so far that first time out, but I was feeling really good. The sole on the Merrell’s is a wee bit thicker, at least it feels so to me, than my traditional Vibram Five Fingers. Today, I have NO REGRETS! (except for maybe the fact they turned the top of my white socks cosmo pink). My feet, legs ankles, everything, feels great. As I make this transition, I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been feeling it in my ankles and calves more than anywhere else. They get “crunchy” the next morning until I can walk it off, but then no pain later on, just fyi. However, the MOST IMPORTANT THING I BELIEVE I’M LEARNING HERE is how to strike the ground with my foot. And I’m now beginning to think this is even more important than what I’m wearing on them.

Since I love to run outside all winter long, (Yeah, that’s me along the lakefront looking like a terrorist in my black Gore-Tex and balaclava.) I was beginning to worry about my transition to Vibrams as Chicago transitions to winter. My toes get cold, to the point where I would use several layers of duct tape to cover the toe box of my traditional shoes to help keep the heat in. (This works great btw. The tape lasts for months and my toes stay toasty. You’re welcome.) With these Merrell’s, I think I’ve found what I hope is the solution for the upcoming cold winter days, because I can wear socks underneath them and probably even use my duct tape, too. Besides, it can’t hurt when you’re running alone along a desolate lakefront in the middle of winter to look a little bit crazy. (Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll bring the dog.)

P.S. The tag on the left shoe is a Road ID and, listen to your City Mom now, if you don’t have one, you probably should.

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