Halloween Holiday Help. From squirrels? I'll take it.

Halloween Holiday Help. From squirrels? I'll take it.

As a busy mom, I appreciate all the help I can get. Especially around the holidays. And now the beginning of the whole insane Holiday Season seems to start with Halloween. So, imagine my joy at finding a little help carving our pumpkins this year.

Pumpkin carving is a serious tradition at our house. A chance to flex our creative muscles, break a few of those crappy little plastic pumpkin carving knives and burn our fingers baking all the seeds. Throughout the years, we’ve had Picasso pumpkins and Frank Sinatra pumpkins, Cubs pumpkins and radioactive pumpkins. The stock market crash pumpkin (2008, a jagged line going down. Scary!) A mommy pumpkin (my personal favorite) and even an over-served pumpkin. (No. They are not interchangeable.)

But this year, since my sons are now both 15, I asked them if they still wanted to carve a pumpkin or take a bye. One opted in, the other out. But my husband would have none of it. “Carving pumpkins is a family tradition. It’s not optional.”

Last weekend, my daughter’s school had her Fall Pumpkin Festival and we purchased our five pumpkins there. Better to have the money go to her school than to Trader Joe’s or some creepy guys who parked their trailer in a vacant city lot. But as you know, it’s probably best to not store a pumpkin indoors for an entire week, so we left them out on the back porch.

And this is where nature’s little helpers came in. Our neighborhood squirrels thoughtfully carved our pumpkins for us! In fact, one was out there just this morning, putting on a few finishing touches.

I marvel at the pumpkin, second from the right, carved into a big, gaping, scary maw. Not so very different from what I imagine an indifferent fifteen-year-old boy forced into carving a pumpkin might creatively and defiantly produce!

Who says squirrels are a nuisance? Not me. Not anymore. No more Elmer Fudd plaid coat and BB gun for me. The squirrels are my friends this year! Because now, instead of spending a whole afternoon carving pumpkins, I can just put my feet up and eat bon bons. Well, maybe not. But I might just carve a pumpkin for myself, even if it is just to burn my fingers baking some seeds. Maybe I’ll carve it into a squirrel…

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The Mommy Pumpkin
The Over-Served Pumpkin (not to be confused with the Mommy Pumpkin!)
The Cyclops Pumpkin
The Radioactive Pumpkin

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