26.2 Miles, Three Brothers, One Cause

26.2 Miles, Three Brothers, One Cause

Jeff Goad was out playing softball when he took a swing with the bat—and fractured two vertebrae. Just swinging the bat! Obviously, this isn’t normal and after extensive testing, he learned the reason: Jeff has multiple myeloma, an incurable white blood cell cancer that affects the plasma cells.

Multiple myeloma makes up just one-percent of cancers and usually affects people in their seventies, but Jeff Goad was fifty when he was diagnosed. That was a year-and-a-half ago. Today, after several rounds of chemo and two stem cell transplants, Jeff’s body has responded well. So well, in fact, he’s running the Chicago Marathon on October 7th of this year. His two brothers, Brad and David will be joining him.

We all know life can turn on a dime, just ask my friend, Beth, of Ups and Downs of a Yoga Mom, who recently learned she may have MS. Personally, I cannot imagine or begin to comprehend what it would be like to be living an active, busy life one day, and then be totally floored by news like this the next. As Jeff’s wife Ramona put it, “We still find this new normal utterly unbelievable.”

Jeff, Brad and David Goad are running the marathon to raise money for multiple myeloma research. Their goal is ten-thousand dollars and they’re almost half-way there. It would be totally awesome if you could show them some A City Mom love and Donate to the CMJ Goad Marathon Team.

Help Jeff Goad and his brothers hit this one out of the park.


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