Transitioning to Vibrams III

Transitioning to Vibrams III
a "regular" Band-Aid didn't do the trick

Part III of my series: Transitioning to Vibram running shoes

Worked my way up to running a half-mile comfortably in the Vibrams, then disaster struck. Okay, not actually a disaster. Just a blister. During one of my longer runs in my Pumas (wrong socks—too thick, I think—I hadn’t intended to run long that day, but was having so much fun. Anyhoo…) I developed a blister on my heel that hasn’t healed. And the Vibrams hit my heel exactly there, so I haven’t been running in them.

My last time out (Friday) in the Pumas (I thought my boo-boo was fine with a Band-Aid on it.) and I created the little bit of a mess pictured here. But, in order to not have my heel hurt, I ended up going for just about the entire length of my run (4 miles) forefoot striking. Which is a good thing. The next day, everything felt great. Good practice for the Vibrams.

Today, my husband has me all bandaged up with some fancy, schmancy blister care stuff he had laying (or lying) (I don’t care which, you know what I’m trying to say) around, so I may try running in the Vibrams again today. I had wanted to go to the store and buy some Johnson & Johnson Blister Gel Pads, but the husband, always on the lookout for cost savings, insisted I used what we had laying (or lying) around.

In the mean time, you can read about transitioning to Vibrams in an online article at Left Coast Running from my new online friend, Anne Aixe, who told me about the Johnson & Johnson Blister Gel Pads that motivated me to go shopping…er running with my blister.

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