Transitioning to Vibram running shoes: Part IV

Transitioning to Vibram running shoes: Part IV

Part IV of my series: Transitioning to Vibram running shoes

Yesterday I ran .7 in the Vibrams. I really do love them—it just feels like my running stride is more graceful when I wear them. For the first time, I started my run wearing them (in the past, I waited ‘til the end of my runs, when I was all warmed up—part of the cause for the very SLOW progress of this transition. In all the heat this summer, by the time I decided I was ready to transition, I’d decide I was done.)Yesterday, I had to force myself to stop at .7—I felt like I could have just kept on going and going.

Today, the legs, ankles, calves all feel great. Right after the run, the outside and bottom of my left pinkie toe felt like it was ripe for a blister—but it’s fine now and a blister never developed (and again, probably TMI) Speaking of blisters, my husband bandaged me up with Spenco 2nd skin Dressing Kit and it worked like a charm, lasting through 4.5 sweaty miles with no change or worsening of my existing blister.

I realize I need to be extra careful now, as I get comfortable with these new shoes, and not go out an over-do it. It is SO tempting to run longer in them. And I’ll get that stride count next time—probably.

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