Transitioning to Vibram running shoes: Part 5

Transitioning to Vibram running shoes: Part 5

Ran my first mile (actually 1.1) in the Vibrams! That’s the good news. The bad news is I woke up in the middle of the night with a stabbing pain in my right heel and that BWEEE BWEEE BWEEE music from Psycho playing in my head. My right heel is my plantar fasciitis heel.

That was on Friday and fortunately, the pain was gone by the morning. However, since my bout with plantar fasciitis a year-and-a-half ago was the most nasty, debilitating pisser of a running injury, I am not going to mess around. (Not to mention the fact that when I had it, I was forced into wearing some really ugly shoes.) So, I prescribed two days of rest for myself. The heel has been totally fine since and if it ever stops raining (Yay!! We need the rain!) I’ll go for a run this afternoon.

I started out my Friday run in the Vibrams, then switched to my Pumas, which in contrast after the Vibrams felt as soft and squishy as a pair of moon boots. I finally did get a step count! But it’s not as exciting as that exclamation point would indicate. 164 steps/minute in the Vibrams. 160 in the Pumas. I suppose I could do some math and physics and calculate exactly how much less essential mass per square inch my body was being subjected to over all my projected future miles with just 4 fewer steps per minute, but meh.

Speaking of future miles, I feel I owe it to the folks who are following my transition (Thank you all so very much!!) to explain a bit more about what sort of runner I am. A slow one.  Ten-and-a-half-minute miles on a good training day. I run on average three times a week and cross-train by doing Bikram Yoga once a week. (I have noticed while doing the Bikram that my upper calves are much more stiff and that my ankles feel “crunchier”. Plus, and this is just a self-diagnosis, my balancing series is off, which I believe is a result of new and different foot muscles getting stronger.) When I go out for a run, I average between 3-6 miles, with 4.5 to 5 being the norm. I do slow steady miles, no tempo runs, no fartleks (not even for the jokes.) I run a few races every year, several 5Ks, and an 8K and I plan on doing another 15K in November. I’d love to try a half marathon. Some day. A marathon? No time. Maybe when I’m 60. I love running though. It’s my drug.

Basically I’m just someone’s mom with a GPS watch. (See my disclaimer in Part I)

So, the speed at which this transition is happening, to say the least, is not lightning fast. I was beating myself up about its slow pace, but had an “Aha” moment during yoga last week that knocked me into the Now and forced my inner personal trainer to shut the hell up. For now I am just enjoying the journey and the process of this transition. And in light of my plantar fasciitis scare, will be holding at the 1.0 mile point for a while.

One other thing I’ve decided to enjoy in the Now, are my cute feet. In celebration of them, I had a pedicure just for this “before” photo. I’ve read that my dainty little feet will go Neanderthal after I’ve completed the transition. If I have the courage, I will post an “after” photo. I’m not particularly excited about having ugly feet, but figure it’s a small price to pay for what I hope will be a lifetime of running. One positive outcome of Neanderthal feet? No more Fight Shoes.

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