Losing my interest in sports.

I am prepared to relinquish my man card, honestly, the idea of a man card is silly anyway so if after this post you want mine, well here you go.  I used to be a big sports fan, but lately I feel my interest in sports waning.   I find it hard to root for athletes who not respect their own talents.  Be it through cheating or being a criminal, I have grown tired of watching the waste.

For a very long time now, I have been a fan of Chad Johnson.  Even though he was sort a douche bag, I still found him to be entertaining. He was also an athlete who seemed to respect his God given talents.  I remember watching him on “Hard Knocks” there was a scene in a bar and instead of alcohol he was drinking cranberry juice.

Yes, he was a flashy player but you never saw him in trouble for breaking the law.  Then over the weekend he was arrested for allegedly head butting his wife.  Right at that moment I lost every ounce of respect for him and I am no longer a fan

I know this might seem like a silly reason, but I remember being a kid and wanting to be an athlete.  I would play wiffle ball with my friends and I always wanted to be Robin Ventura.  He was and still is athlete I admired.  Now a days you cannot trust athletes, you have to be suspect that at any moment they can screw up and be forever changed in your mind.

One thing that I have always known is that athletes are human beings, capable of messing up.  I am not naïve, but I always wished they would respect their talents enough to not squander everything they worked so hard to attain.

It is just not as fun to watch anymore.  I will always be a big football fan and baseball as well, but even then I am letting life happen.  Sports do not disrupt my life, not that they ever have.  I do enjoy some sports radio, it is my way of keeping up with sports and I enjoy the arguments.  My iPod is always right there on the ready when the inevitable boredom sets in.

Okay well I am leaving my man card at the door.

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